Amazon Brand Strategy Appraisal

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As a brand, Amazon will be on your radar. You want to know what you can do to grow your revenue, whilst having the confidence that customers are having a great brand experience across every channel.

You need an Amazon Brand Strategy.

Know How to Grow Confidently

This is Unicorn’s Amazon Brand Strategy appraisal gives you what you need to grow confidently and successfully on Amazon marketplaces.

On Amazon, it can be tricky to know where to focus.
You probably have questions:

If you're already selling on Amazon:

Is our growth above or below our industry average?

Our growth hasn't been what we'd forecast, are we stagnating? What's our strategy missing?

Are our sales fluctuations in line with our segments' trends, or are they anomalous?

What's our market share? Is our market share increasing or decreasing, in relation to our competitors?

Which competitors do we need to watch? Which are gaining traction & market share?

What haven’t we considered?

Or, if you're new to Amazon:

Is Amazon the right channel for our brand? If it is, which model should we choose - Vendor or Seller Central?

Which marketplace should we launch on first?

What market share do competitor brands hold? What competitive advantage do we hold? How can I win against these competitors?

How much investment should we put into the platform? When will we see Return on Investment?

How do we get started?

What gaps in our strategy need to be addressed before launch?

We get asked these questions all the time. And we can help you answer them.

Analytical Approach


  • Your Amazon Brand Strategy appraisal gives you what you need to grow confidently and successfully on Amazon marketplaces. By taking the time to understand your brand, products and category landscape on Amazon, we’re able to create and recommend a custom strategic approach to meet your goals.

  • Our starting point is to immerse ourselves in your brand. We consult to find your challenges, define your objectives and what success means for you. With your brand strategy in mind, we begin to build an understanding of the position you have in the marketplace and how you can leverage any opportunities you have.

  • We’ll create a clear roadmap detailing the steps you need to take to achieve success. We begin with a detailed view of the marketplace, analysing and creating a journey that gives your brand a phased strategic direction on Amazon: the right steps at the right time that bring your brand the most value.

We are an Amazon Certified Partner.

A programme that enables brands to find recommended & trusted Amazon consultants.

Our Diagnostic Tools

Goals Consultation

You’ll start with a brand strategy with our expert Amazon Strategists to dive deeper into your brand objectives, historical experience and understand how Amazon fits within your current channel strategy.

Market Share Analysis

Analyse your niche in your chosen marketplaces to understand your current market share in relation to your competition, and the size of opportunity you have for growth and expansion.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Survey and analyse your competition, looking at revenue, volumes, pricing, segment trends and positioning. Identify trends and opportunities for your brand to gain market share.

Account & Advertising Audit

Audit your Amazon Vendor or Seller Central, catalogue and Advertising account to identify the opportunities you have to improve across all Amazon features, such as Advertising, DSP, reviews, promotions, catalogue optimisation, programmes & certification and brand content.

Model Assessment

If relevant, analyse the pros & cons of the Vendor and Seller models, and how they sit alongside your specific brand objectives. We’ll also complete a Profit Margin Calculator and provide fulfilment method guidance for your entire catalogue and selected marketplaces.

Gap Analysis

Assess your objectives and where there may be gaps in your strategy that you can address and leverage to your advantage to grow your revenue and market share with consistency.

Strategic Output

Based on our analysis, we’ll create a full recommendation report for your brand so you’re in complete understanding of what’s next to grow your brand on Amazon.

1.Model Recommendation

- which model presents the best opportunity for your brand, including your Profit Margin Calculator & fulfilment method guidance

2.Marketplace Overview

- detailing the size of opportunity in your niche and annual segment trends

3.Competitive Landscape

- highlighting key competitor trends, and which to focus on to gain market share

4.Growth Strategy Roadmap

- covering all features available in your Amazon toolbox eg. reviews, promotions, Amazon Advertising & best practices

5.Growth Forecast

- with target recommendations and KPI guidance based on specific scenario planning

6.Gap Analysis

- highlighting any gaps or risk areas that should be addressed in order to meet your objectives

Our Results


Ana Sofia Diaz

Senior Ecommerce Manager, Nixplay

“Since working with This is Unicorn we have managed to increase our revenue as well as expand our market position across all marketplaces.”

Ellie Stevens

Senior Brand Manager, Ombar Chocolate

“Unicorn have helped us to optimise our brand content, achieve a significant increase in sales, and consistently deliver effective advertising campaigns.”

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