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What Unicorn is great at.

We take the right steps at the right time, to bring your brand the most value possible.

Brand Strategy

Your brand and goals need a custom strategy. Whether you work with Vendor, Seller or a hybrid model we’ll make sure your approach is tailored to your customers. We’ll evaluate performance, increase your ROI and expand to new markets.

Analysis & Forecasting

We have created specific Unicorn diagnostic tools that analyse and forecast your growth on the platform. Combined with our experience, we efficiently unlock insights and opportunities that keep your business ahead of the competition.

Amazon Advertising & DSP

There’s more to Amazon Advertising than creating strategies that deliver high impact results. Building performance across the full customer journey is what sets you apart. This is how you become a key player and dominate on Amazon.

Amazon Operations

We handle the Amazon platform, so you don’t have to. From auditing your catalogue, to managing inventory, to case creation and follow-up. We’ll navigate the entire ecosystem and fix the issues that are holding your brand back.

Advanced Reporting

Made possible by our in-house technology, Sherlock, we create custom KPI dashboards and visualisations to showcase performance at a glance. With daily, weekly, and monthly data points that go beyond Amazon, you’re always in the loop.

Brand Content

Connect more with your Amazon customers and improve your conversion and engagement. We tell your brand’s story, performance-optimised for the Amazon search engine.

Our Work at a Glance

alcohol and spirits on amazon

House of Boë’s 8X Growth on Amazon

House of Boë, an award-winning Scottish gin brand, initially came to This is Unicorn because their advertising strategy on Amazon wasn’t proving profitable. 

Since then, we have employed a full strategic overhaul of the brand on the platform resulting in 800% growth in two years.

apparel and fashion on amazon

Nested Bean's 500% Sale Increase from Non-Branded Terms

We built out Nested Bean’s campaign structure, found new niche targets and harvested new, non-brand-specific keywords, quickly growing Nested Bean’s number of target keywords into the thousands in order to drive sales from new customers on Amazon.

Our strategic approach, layering a strong Amazon Ads & Marquee-Day strategy, enabled us to double revenue for the brand

pet supplements on amazon

The Healthy Dog Co's 2X Sale Growth in 5 Months

We drove performance growth through new customer acquisition by harvesting and targeting a wider list of non-brand keywords in our Sponsored Product campaigns.

We utilised a strong Amazon Advertising strategy to build brand awareness, drive new customer acquisition and increase revenue growth, with a strong ROAS of 3.5, doubling brand’s sales in just 5 months.

We are an Amazon Ads Partner

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What Clients Say About Us

"Unicorn have helped us to optimise our brand content, achieve a significant increase in sales, and consistently deliver effective advertising campaigns."
Ellie Stevens
Senior Brand Manager, Ombar Chocolate
"Since working with This is Unicorn we have managed to increase our revenue as well as expand our market position across all marketplaces."
Ana Sofia Diaz
Senior Ecommerce Manager, Nixplay
"Their expertise coupled with great communication, support and reporting mean they are the perfect partner to achieve brand growth."
Frank Mountain
Director & Co-founder, Lola Design
"So excited to see that This is Unicorn managed to generate so much growth in the US despite the low brand awareness. We are grateful for all they've done."
Issy Cooper
Senior Growth Executive, Ocean Bottle
"Thanks to Unicorn’s cross-functional expertise and awareness of the spirits market, we’ve grown by 812% since working with the Unicorn team and we are now expanding into other European markets."
Craig Gibb
Head of Sales, House of Boë
"You guys are smashing it!"
Alex Tyers
Brand Manager, The Healthy Dog Co

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