Meet Sherlock. Our superhuman automated team member.

Sherlock is our purpose-built internal technology that enables our team to deliver a sophisticated strategy and better performance insights for your brand.

Built by Unicorn to Deliver Results.

Sherlock integrates directly with multiple Amazon APIs, pulling advertising and marketplace data daily, enabling us to bring your brand and product strategy to life.

Powerful Automation

Built on an algorithm that automates your Amazon processes, manages your ads and monitors your KPIs, Sherlock optimises your performance across one product or thousands.

Advanced Insights

From the moment you start working with us, your data is available without the limitations that affect Amazon reporting. The more Sherlock learns, the better insights we can generate to continue your growth.

Robust Performance

Sherlock analyses your performance data seamlessly, so we can shape a winning strategy for your brand.

Product-Level Strategy

Building a custom product-level strategy puts us one step ahead of your competitors. Sherlock is infinitely scalable, so whether you have a catalogue of 10 or 1000 products, our strategy stays granular.

Goldilocks Optimisation

Sherlock analyses fresh data daily to optimise each of your campaigns. Sherlock takes action as soon as there’s enough data to make a decision, ensuring no wasted budget nor lost opportunities.

Connected Data

Sherlock integrates data sources that are siloed on Amazon. Want to know how pricing or buy box affect conversion, or your ROAS? Sherlock gives the answers.

Powerful Advertising Automation

Optimise Your Bids

Pace your Ad Budget

Harvest New Keywords

Optimise Your Bids

Powerful and insightful.

Sherlock’s rule engine allows powerful bid management, to ensure your ad campaigns stay one step ahead of your competition.

Pace your Ad Budget

Make sure you’re not over- or under-spending:

Sherlock ensures that your budget is spent at the right time according to your weekly, monthly and quarterly goals.

Harvest New Keywords

Discovery on a whole new level.

By analysing your data, Sherlock enables us to discover new keywords to target and new niches to explore, expanding your market share.

Understand Your Performance

Our solutions ensure that you know your performance, no matter how many marketplaces or products you operate.

  • Always-On Monitoring

    Sherlock monitors your accounts constantly, and takes immediate action. Automatic alerts ensure we spot opportunities and anomalies quickly.

  • Performance Dashboard

    Access your brand dashboard to track performance against your KPIs. Quickly understand the full picture, with all marketplaces in one view.

  • Deep Analysis

    Unlock more opportunities for your brand with data-driven insights based on comprehensive analysis and extensive Amazon expertise.

We Grow With You

The Amazon ecosystem is constantly evolving and so are we. Let’s help you do the same.


Amazon constantly changes and creates new hurdles on their platform: new features, new ad placements or new strategies.

We’ve designed Sherlock to spot these changes so our team can create solutions quickly. Once we’ve jumped the hurdle, we code the solution into Sherlock to solve the problem for good.


More is more

We’re releasing new features regularly, and we develop our capabilities based on what our clients need.

Currently, our development team is integrating even more data sources into Sherlock, and expanding our reporting capabilities. Got a complex challenge or a detailed reporting challenge you need solving? Tell us, and we’ll see what magic we can create for you.

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