Let’s jump hurdles together.

We aren’t your typical agency. We truly partner with the brands we work with, your success is ours. We aren’t afraid to tell you what’s wrong and we will always share what can be done better. Our expertise is an extension of your team – we are your Amazon partner.

We bring creativity, enthusiasm and innovation to every brand we partner with.

We strategise together: we are consultants, advisors & Amazon experts, here to help you on your journey.

Unexpected Creativity

Brands often find it difficult to stand out on Amazon. With our creative process we will make sure you sparkle.

Unique Thinking

Innovation is at the heart of Unicorn. We are curious and we love to find and solve problems to create the best brand experience.

Unified Automation

We connect the dots between technology and your brand on Amazon. We create a process unique to you, using Sherlock to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity.

We are an Amazon Certified Partner.

A programme that enables brands to find recommended & trusted Amazon consultants.

Our Brand Success Formula

What partnering with us looks like.


Our starting point is to immerse ourselves in your brand. We work consultatively to find your challenges, define your objectives and what success means to you. With your brand strategy in mind, we begin to build an understanding of the position you have in the marketplace and how you can leverage any opportunities you have.


Within our Brand Success Formula you will see the steps you need to take to achieve success. We begin with a detailed view of the marketplace, analysing and creating a journey that gives your brand a phased strategic direction on Amazon. The right steps at the right time that bring your brand the most value.


We work as part of your team to refine and deliver on the strategy that is best for your brand. Our expertise ensures you can deliver and get the best results from your advertising, operations and content. We will underpin all of our work with our in-house tech, Sherlock, which allows for a deep understanding of your performance.


Amazon doesn’t stand still, and neither should your strategy. Once we implement our first strategic recommendation, we don’t stop. As Amazon changes with new features, when your competitors react or discover essential insights, we make sure we are iterating and improving your approach to ensure your brand stays ahead.

Introducing Sherlock

Delivering exceptional performance through smart technology: an essential part of your Amazon team.

We’ve built Sherlock in-house, to empower the brands we work with. Sherlock is more than a piece of technology, he’s an essential part of your team, designed to help you succeed.

How Sherlock can help.

Sherlock is a foundational part of Unicorn. When we solve a problem, Sherlock enables us to solve it for good.

Your Team at Unicorn

We are an extension of your business, you get access to our expertise as part of your team.

Your Brand

We’re the Amazon experts.

No-one knows your brand and products better than you. No-one knows Amazon as well as Unicorn. When you combine your brand knowledge with our Amazon expertise, you create a winning team.

Client Partner

Dedicated client partner.

Your client partner is your main point of contact and best friend at Unicorn. They make sure that your objectives are met, your strategy is implemented and iterated seamlessly, and they make sure you know each step.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategists at your fingertips.

You have access to our team of Amazon Brand Strategists. They will work to understand your objectives and combine their in-depth knowledge of Amazon and e-commerce to recommend a strategy that achieves your goals.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising.

Our expert team is obsessed with performance. They create methodology to keep you ahead of the competition.

Product Content

Product Content.

Our content team brings your brand story to life. We ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Amazon Operations

Amazon Operations.

Our team can navigate Amazon in their sleep. When they find something not quite right, they create a process that solves the problem for good.


Finding the gaps.

Our analysts have diagnostic tools to answer all your key questions about your brand and the marketplace. If you need to investigate where the gaps in your strategy are, our analyst team will give you the answer.


Sherlock searches for answers.

Sherlock begins pulling your data from the moment you join us. Instead of struggling over spreadsheets, your team can afford to spend more time thinking about what else you could do to grow your business.

Supported by experts passionate about the success of your brand.

We partner with brands that truly excite us and work with clients that we feel like we can add value by being part of your team.

Discover your true selling potential!

We’re here to help you leap over the hurdles and make your brand stand out.

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