5 Reasons Why You Should Sell on Amazon If You Aren’t Already

Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
  • CATEGORY: Amazon Advertising
  • DATE: 24/02/2022

Many brands that haven’t yet launched on Amazon have hesitations around why they should go to the effort of listing their brand and product, especially when the platform presents sellers with several hurdles along the way. Other brands are hesitant to support the platform for more ethical reasons, or some feel that they already doing well enough via their own e-commerce channels.

Let’s Start with the Stats

In 2020, the first year of the pandemic, Amazon EU had revenue of roughly €44 billion, up from the previous year and with $314 billion in net sales, the United States were Amazon’s biggest market in 2021. This makes the platform indisputably the dominant leader in e-commerce market share. It currently accounts for over 30% of UK e-commerce purchases and 47% of online purchases worldwide. A large number of shopping journeys begin on Amazon with 63% of consumers in key e-commerce markets start their online shopping searches on Amazon. According to NPR, nearly 50% of people buy something from Amazon at least once a month.

So what does this mean for your brand?

Access a wider consumer base

Selling on Amazon gives you access to a wide customer base – in April 2021 there were 1.5 Billion monthly unique visitors in Europe alone. According to NPR, nearly 50% of consumers buy something from Amazon at least once a month. Additionally, it’s important to remember that Amazon traffic is transaction-minded, with consumers looking to buy. 

Attract new & unique customers

As well as shopping for specific brands, consumers also use Amazon to search for specific products and discover new brands. This gives brands an opportunity to attract new and unique customers because the likelihood of them ‘discovering’ your business increases.

Visibility on search engines

When a product is searched for on a search engine like Google, the first few results will likely redirect the consumer to Amazon. If your product pages are optimized for the right keywords, you can benefit by getting your listing to appear on Google search pages, further increasing your visibility.


If you don’t do it – someone else will

Several brands don’t only have competitors in terms of other businesses selling similar products, several come up against resellers. If the product is not sold by the brand itself, it will likely be sold by another reseller. By owning your presence on Amazon, you retain control of your brand representation in the world’s largest online marketplace.

Amazon enables small, local, sustainable & ethical businesses

We support a plethora of independent brands and, as an agency, working with ethical and sustainable brands is extremely important to us. There is a common misconception that buying or selling on Amazon means not supporting small, local businesses but this is simply not the case. In 2019, pre-pandemic, Amazon spent over €2.2 billion in Europe to fuel the success of SMBs.  Significant numbers of independent, sustainable and ethical brands sell on Amazon in order to expand their consumer reach and grow sales.

Amazon is an e-commerce platform that cannot be ignored. As the largest and most dominant e-commerce platform, customers expect to find their favourite brands. And if you’re not available on Amazon already, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

If you have any doubts or are on the fence about launching on Amazon, let’s talk! 

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