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  • DATE: 24/02/2022

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Amazon, it’s a dominant e-commerce marketplace that offers sellers access to global markets that they might not otherwise have reached so easily.

And yet, there are still many brands that could be selling on Amazon that aren’t yet! So, we’ve compiled this list of benefits of selling on Amazon to help sway your mind to finally take the leap and tap into a massive global market.


Let’s start with some stats.

In 2022, Amazon generated more than $500 billion in revenue.

This makes the platform indisputably the dominant leader in e-commerce market share. It currently accounts for over 30% of UK e-commerce purchases and 47% of online purchases worldwide.

A large number of shopping journeys begin on Amazon with 63% of consumers in key e-commerce markets starting their online shopping searches on Amazon. According to NPR, nearly 50% of people buy something from Amazon at least once a month.

Still not convinced?


Here are some of the benefits of selling on Amazon.

1. Access a worldwide, ready-to-buy consumer base

The first and probably biggest benefit of selling on Amazon is that Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces in the world. Selling on Amazon gives you access to a wide customer base as they ship to over 100 countries.

As of April 2023, Amazon appeared as the most popular online marketplace in Europe, with approximately 1.3 billion monthly visits. and according to NPR, nearly 50% of consumers buy something from Amazon at least once a month.

Also, the type of traffic that Amazon gets is transaction-minded, with consumers looking to buy. Amazon has built up a reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy platform so you can really tap into the benefits of that.


2. Build a new customer base

As well as shopping for specific brands, consumers also use Amazon to search for specific products which leads to the discovery of new brands. This gives brands an opportunity to attract new and unique customers because the likelihood of them ‘discovering’ your business increases.

If you’re looking to attract local business customers, Amazon has features such as the Buy Local initiative that allows businesses to procure products from sellers within their area.


3. Increase sales

The magic words: Increase sales. But, when you optimise your content and listing correctly on Amazon, it can lead to increased sales!
In 2022, US-based sellers averaged more than $230,000 in sales and sold more than 4.1 billion items to customers worldwide, it’s the go-to place for many shoppers worldwide. So, by listing your products on Amazon, you automatically gain credibility and trust since Amazon is a globally recognized brand.


4. You have growth tools at your fingertips.

Amazon wants you to do well on its platform, so it offers a variety of features for sellers that help you grow your business and increase awareness! Check them out:


Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central is your central hub for listing your products, and managing your sales and is your go-to resource for selling on Amazon.

You can do everything from here from managing your shipping, managing your seller’s programmes, keeping track of inventory, and managing your products to analysing performance + more!




Amazon Advertising

Amazon offers robust advertising tools to suit all sizes of business on the platform as well as a knowledge hub for you to get the most out of advertising.

Whether your goal is awareness or to increase sales, Amazon has a range of ads to suit your objectives:

1. Sponsored Product Ads
2. Sponsored Brand Ads (Video ads, slideshow ads)
3. Sponsored Display Ads
4. Amazon DSP (demand-side-platform)

Want to go more in-depth into Amazon advertising? Check out our Amazon PPC guide.


Seller University

Amazon University gives sellers access to resources to help them get started and sharpen their skills for selling on the platform, whatever stage your business is at!

You have a mash-up of articles and video lessons for beginners who are starting out on the platform and up to brands who want to optimize their selling and learn about the more advanced stuff.


Premium A+ Content

Once Brands enrol in the Brand Registry, you have access to exclusive brand awareness tools like Premium A+ content that can really spice up your content.

Premium A+ Content elevates your product listings by offering more visually appealing elements like interactive hot-spot modules, full-width video, carousel, enhanced comparison charts and large HD Images. All these help you stand out from the crowd.

Want to find out how to optimize your content? Check out how to create Amazon premium A+ content that converts.


Brand Analytics

This is found in Seller Central and offers intelligent insights and stats to registered brand sellers. Here you can make informed decisions for your business by accessing data like Search Catalogue Performance, Repeat Purchases, Search Performance + more.

You are able to generate reports here too so you can see all the important data at a glance.


5. Access to fast and easy shipping via Amazon FBA

If there’s anything that Amazon is most well-known for, it’s fast and reliable shipping. Hundreds of millions of Prime Members enjoy access to same-day shipping or next-day delivery. Offering same-day or next-day delivery can sway customers into buying your product, so if this option is available we recommend doing it.

As well as this, thanks to Amazon’s robust marketplace, you can sell your items easily and conveniently through Amazon’s different shipping options like the Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) – which can be the perfect solution for those starting out on the platform. Take a look at the benefits:


  • Amazon handles the customer shipping and customer service experience, so you don’t have this stress.
  • Products automatically join the Prime programme. This means the product listings will show the prime badge which gives huge visibility on Amazon & is one of the first things customers look for. It offers free shipping within two days for subscribers which increases the attractiveness of the product.
  • Customers are far more likely to purchase from a seller with Prime shipping options.
  • FBA offers are prioritised for the Buy Box and Amazon always displays FBA products higher in their ranking, therefore overall the sales rank will be better.
  • Access to marketing features such as Lighting Deal and Deal of the Day, which helps attract customers!

There are also more fulfilment options available like Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant and Seller Fulfilled Prime which offers other great benefits as a seller.


6. Visibility on search engines

Amazon’s reach extends beyond its own platform. When a product is searched for on a search engine like Google, the first few results will likely redirect the consumer to Amazon. If your product pages are optimised for the right keywords, you can benefit by getting your listing to appear on Google search pages, further increasing your visibility.


7. Amazon enables small, local, sustainable & ethical businesses

We support a plethora of independent brands and, as an agency, working with ethical and sustainable brands is extremely important to us. There is a common misconception that buying or selling on Amazon means not supporting small, local businesses but this is simply not the case.

Amazon also continually looks to promote smaller businesses, whether it be with the recent introduction of the “Small Business” box, or spending over €2.2 billion in Europe to fuel the success of SMBs. Significant numbers of independent, sustainable and ethical brands sell on Amazon in order to expand their consumer reach and grow sales.


8. Global Expansion with minimal initial investment

Selling on Amazon is a gateway to international markets, allowing brands to extend their reach far beyond their local customer base. This benefit is particularly significant for brands looking to broaden their horizons and access a global audience.

Expanding globally through Amazon offers brands the chance to enter international markets with minimal initial investments, particularly appealing to those aiming to minimise risks and simplify expansion.

Amazon’s accessible entry points allow brands to create international seller accounts and list products on foreign Amazon marketplaces without the need for a physical presence or substantial initial capital.

Moreover, the worldwide scope of Amazon’s FBA service enables efficient international storage and shipping, eliminating the need to set up local warehousing and shipping solutions.



Our thoughts

Just thinking about the sheer reach and size, Amazon is an e-commerce platform that cannot be ignored. As the largest and most dominant e-commerce platform, customers expect to find their favourite brands there.

So, is it a good idea to sell your product on Amazon? Absolutely yes!

Customers want the convenience and reliability of Amazon purchasing and shipping. And if you’re not available on Amazon already, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.



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