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Creating a memorable brand identity usually takes 5 to 7 impressions before shoppers begin to remember your brand.

This underlines the importance of seizing every opportunity to engage with your target audience, especially for emerging brands looking to establish a presence in the highly competitive marketplaces on Amazon.


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The Amazon Brand Story feature is a fantastic opportunity for sellers and vendors looking to distinguish themselves from their competitors and forge a genuine connection with their customers on a more personal level. In today’s article, we aim to equip you with the know-how to craft an Amazon brand story that truly resonates. So, grab a cuppa; it’s story time.

Understanding the Amazon Brand Story Feature

Your brand’s story is more than just a narrative; it acts as a beacon that draws in customers. Amazon’s Brand Story feature provides brand-registered sellers with a special platform to showcase their journey, values, and unique qualities directly on the product detail page. But, this feature goes beyond simply adding content. It serves as a strategic tool to deeply engage customers by crafting a narrative that embodies your brand’s identity and characterises you in a competitive market.

Featured prominently on the product detail page, the Brand Story tells your tale and enhances visibility and engagement at a pivotal decision-making stage. This transforms browsing into an immersive experience that inspires customers to delve deeper into your brand. Building a strong connection that extends past the initial transaction is key to fostering loyalty and driving repeat business.


House of Boe's Brand Story

Our client House of Boe’s brand story


Elements of a Successful Brand Story

Background image

The background image serves as decoration and as the first chapter of your brand’s story. It sets the stage. By creating a strong first impression, you capture the heart of your brand and captivate customers right from the start. It’s essential to have top-notch images that match your brand and compliment text overlays. Crafting messages that stir emotions and provide a peek into your brand’s world ensures that each swipe through the carousel serves as a window into what makes your brand unique.

Clear, high-resolution images are essential for a professional look across all devices. These images should convey your brand’s values – be they luxury, adventure, or innovation – and enhance its message. The imagery you choose should complement your products and make your text legible, helping your audience understand your message. Using your brand’s colours strategically can boost brand recognition, but don’t overdo it. To provide a consistent customer experience and maintain your brand’s visual integrity, test your images on different screens.

First impressions last, so invite customers into your brand’s universe with a visual that speaks volumes before even a word is read.


ASIN & Store Showcase

This feature is a game-changer for brands aiming to highlight their top products on their PDP’s. This module allows you to showcase your top products and directs potential customers to explore your brand store further.


ASIN moduleASIN module

The ASIN module as seen from within the builder


Our strategies to maximise the potential of this feature:

Highlight your top performers – Put your best foot forward by featuring your star products or highest-rated ASINs. This approach captivates attention and establishes trust with potential clients right away.

Seasonal Refresh – Keep your showcase dynamic by regularly updating it with products that tap into current trends or seasonal demands, ensuring your brand stays relevant and engaging.

Diverse Representation – Showcase a diverse range of products to attract a wider customer audience and emphasise the variety in your catalogue.

Seamless Store Integration – Directly link each feature to its product listing to make it easy for customers to explore your brand and improve the user experience.

Several other factors can be taken into account to improve visibility and increase engagement. Choose ASINs that have demonstrated high conversion rates or uniquely represent your brand. This includes highlighting new or lesser-known products that deserve attention or renowned products that yield brand recognition.

Investing in quality, professional images for your products to enhance visual appeal and spark interest is essential for reinforcing brand recognition and fostering trust. Lifestyle shots showcase your products in authentic settings, allowing potential buyers to visualise the items in their own lives, increasing the chances of a purchase.


Wrendale’s ASIN module

Wrendale’s ASIN module as viewed from the product listing


Experiment with different product combinations and images through A/B testing. Use Amazon’s analytics to make informed adjustments based on what captures your audience’s interest the most.


Focus Image

The Amazon Brand Card media asset showcases your brand’s uniqueness or distinctive features, ensuring your products’ USPs stand out and influence customer decisions. Create straightforward designs that allow shoppers to understand your unique selling points by incorporating high-quality, visually appealing images. Use lifestyle imagery or infographics to spotlight the distinctiveness of your product. Incorporate branding elements such as colours, logos, and graphics to further reinforce your brand identity.


Truffle Hunter’s brand story

Example of a focus image as seen on our client Truffle Hunter’s brand story


Logo and Description

The logo embodies a brand’s values, ethos, and journey. It symbolises community, is instantly recognisable, and evokes emotions and experiences. Logos are often customers’ first touchpoints, setting the tone for their brand relationship. Sharing a story with the logo gives it depth and context, turning it into a narrative device.


The brand story is an easy opportunity to get your brand logo, USPs and reasons for being in front of customers


Understanding your offerings and why you do them is essential to writing a compelling brand description. Start your brand description by highlighting your brand’s purpose, whether it’s addressing a particular issue or driven by a strong business passion. Stories of purpose and passion resonate strongly with customers, so emphasise the unique benefits and experiences your brand offers to differentiate yourself in a competitive market. Infuse your writing with evocative language to evoke a sense of connection and a longing for engagement, while crafting a captivating story to enhance the appeal and memorability of your message. Just keep your language simple and authentic! We advise you to avoid jargon and complexity to foster trust and sincerity in your audience. A well-crafted brand description educates and motivates customers, encouraging them to align with your values while leaving a lasting impression.


Brand Q&A

Using this section effectively can enhance the customer experience by answering some of their frequently asked questions regarding your brand. Buyers are often keen to know more about the business they are purchasing from, and some even go as far as only purchasing from brands that align with their own personal values. The Q&A module allows you to address common questions and queries saving a potential buyer from having to reach out and await a response.


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Steps to Build a Brand Story for Amazon

Lay Your Foundations

To get started with creating your brand story head over to Seller Central and log in. From the dashboard, select menu, scroll down to Advertising, then A+ Content Manager.


A+ Content Manager


Say hello to the enhanced brand content page. Top right, hit Start Creating A+ Content.

On the following page, select Create a Brand Story. Once clicked, you will then be inside the builder.


Creating A+ Content


Creating A+ Content


Now you’re ready to begin assembling your brand story with features including logo, background image, and your choice of module, in which you can have a maximum of 20, and arrange them in the order you want them displayed.

During the design process, it’s important to consider image aspect ratios. Check the dimensions in the modules that you wish to apply, as each possesses individual sizes for images.


Example of adding a background image for both web and mobile viewing from within the builder

Example of adding a background image for both web and mobile viewing from within the builder


Make sure your content follows Amazon’s design guidelines to optimise for clarity and impact. Keep a visually consistent theme across all modules that reflects your brand identity with on-brand colours and imagery. Designing modules that look great on both mobile and desktop is crucial for a seamless user experience too. Refine your modules’ visuals, headlines, and layouts through A/B testing to see what resonates best with your customers. Leverage these performance metrics for the best brand store to boost engagement and conversion rates.


Tell Your Brand’s Story

Crafting a compelling story that resonates with your audience emotionally means focusing on the significance of your products, not just their features. Your story should be rooted in the passion that sparked your business and the issues you strive to address, creating a relatable and engaging base. By sharing personal stories or the founder’s experiences, you can create a more human connection with your target market, making your brand easier to relate to and remember. Clearly defining your brand philosophy, whether it’s about sustainability, innovation, or community engagement, helps establish what your brand represents. Furthermore, highlighting accomplishments and including customer testimonials or stories enhances credibility and authenticity, demonstrating the effectiveness of your products or services.


Showcase Your Unique Selling Propositions

Highlighting the unique attributes of your products, whether it’s superior quality, cutting-edge features, or your captivating brand narrative. To effectively communicate your unique selling points, consider a “show, don’t tell” strategy. Share stories that illustrate these propositions, such as detailing your path to eco-friendliness. Portray your brand as a hero conquering obstacles to solve a particular issue, emphasising the positive effects on customers. Offer a peek behind the curtain of your brand’s operations or culture to add a personal touch and build stronger connections with customers. By implementing these tactics, you can enhance the appeal of your brand and foster stronger bonds with your audience, striving for authenticity and connection to position your brand as the go-to choice for consumers.


Amazon Advertising Account Audit


Making Your Brand Story Stand Out

Collaborating with experienced designers and Amazon specialists proves incredibly advantageous for making your brand story pop. These experts, with their in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s platform, guidelines, and customer engagement tactics, can significantly improve your brand’s presentation. They create visually appealing stories that not only meet Amazon’s requirements but also deeply connect with your target demographic.

Working with professional designers ensures that your brand’s story is not only seen, but also felt. Their ability to effectively use design elements to transform your narrative into an engaging experience, strengthening the emotional bond with your audience and making your brand memorable, is priceless.


This Is Unicorn


Seeking professional design and eCommerce strategy services is a pivotal step towards increasing your brand’s visibility on Amazon. Industry professionals take a comprehensive approach that combines design, strategic content creation, and SEO, tailoring your brand’s narrative to Amazon’s unique ecosystem. They have in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s A9 / A10 algorithm and platform, allowing them to effectively increase your visibility and engagement.

Furthermore, their ability to create search-optimised and compelling content ensures that your brand’s voice remains consistent, while their designs and strategies are fine-tuned to increase conversions while taking into account the customer’s purchasing journey. With ongoing support and the use of analytics, these professionals will adjust your strategy based on actual performance and feedback. Partnering with agencies or consultants like This Is Unicorn, who specialise in Amazon eCommerce and have a proven track record of success, can provide you with tailored solutions that align with your brand’s goals. Investing in professional help is a strategic move that will help your brand succeed in Amazon’s competitive market.


Our Thoughts

The Amazon Brand Story is an indispensable tool for brands on Amazon, designed to strengthen the presentation and perception of the brand’s identity within the platform’s vast marketplace. This feature allows brands to go beyond traditional product listings by incorporating elements like images, product grids, and compelling narratives directly into their PDPs across their entire range of products.

It’s an effective strategy to not only present products but also narrate your brand’s journey, ethos, and unique value propositions in a way that connects with and engages the audience. Using this A+ component allows brands to meet Amazon’s high quality and coherence standards, ensuring a seamless and immersive shopping experience for customers. Sellers who meticulously craft and continually refine their Brand Story module do more than just sell; they forge meaningful connections, foster customer loyalty, and lay the groundwork for long-term success.

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