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Launched in 2015, Amazon Business revolutionized the way businesses buy, saving time and money.

It can help businesses procure great deals for office supplies, cleaning supplies, office furniture, and more!

Why do Customers use Amazon Business?

There’s many benefits that companies and customers can take advantage of, when setting up an Amazon Business account. Here are the key benefits:

  • Registration and Account Types

A customer can register for Amazon Business either as a sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or government entity.

There are two main types of Amazon Business accounts: Business Prime and Business Prime Essentials.

Business Prime offers additional benefits such as fast, free shipping, while Business Prime Essentials provides access to business-only pricing and selection but without the added benefits of fast, free shipping.

  • Products and Selection

There is a vast selection of products across various categories which includes office supplies, industrial equipment, technology products, janitorial supplies, and more. Businesses can find both common items and specialized products to meet specific needs and can also access exclusive business-only deals and discounts!

  • Multi-User Accounts

The great thing is that companies can create multi-user accounts, where multiple employees can access and purchase from a single account which gives better control and oversight of purchasing within an organization. Administrators can manage user permissions, set spending limits, and monitor purchasing activities.

  • Tax-Exempt Purchases

Tax & VAT exemption for purchases is available for eligible organizations, like government agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Qualified brands can upload their tax exemption certificates to receive tax-exempt status on eligible purchases.

  • Business Analytics

Amazon Business provides you with useful analytical tools so companies can track spending patterns, monitor order history, analyze purchasing trends, and gain insights to optimize procurement processes. This is essential for making informed decisions and identifying potential cost-saving opportunities!

  • Integration with Procurement Systems

Integrations are available with popular procurement systems, such as Coupa, SAP Ariba, and Oracle, meaning you can streamline procurement workflows, automate purchasing processes, and maintain consistency across different platforms.

  • Delivery and Shipping Options

Amazon Business offers fast and reliable delivery options. With Business Prime, eligible items qualify for free two-day shipping. Additionally, Amazon offers flexible shipping options, including one-day shipping and same-day delivery in select areas, ensuring quick and efficient order fulfillment.

  • Enhanced Customer Support

Amazon Business provides dedicated customer support. They offer specialized assistance to help businesses with inquiries, order management, returns, and other account-related issues. Customer support is available via phone, email, and live chat.

  • International Expansion

Amazon Business has expanded its services to multiple countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, India, and Canada. The availability of features, selection, and pricing may vary across different regions.


How a company can set up an Amazon Business account:

1. Visit the Amazon Business website: Go to the Amazon Business homepage at

2. Sign up for an account: Click on the “Create a Free Account” button and add email and password.

3. Provide business information.

4. Set up your account preferences by selecting your preferred payment methods, shipping addresses, and other preferences.

5. Verify your account: Amazon may require you to verify your business information. This can be done by providing relevant business documents or by confirming your ownership of the business.

6. Add business users (optional): If you want to grant access to your Amazon Business account to multiple users in your organization, you can invite them to join and create separate user accounts. This allows for easier management and control over purchasing and access.

7. You’re ready to start browsing and purchasing! You can search for items using the search bar, browse categories, or take advantage of curated business shopping lists.


So how can my Brand take advantage of Amazon Business?

The above is great for businesses looking to buy products, but what if you are looking to sell to these customers?

The programme allows sellers to reach B2B customers with the pricing, selection, and convenience of Amazon. You can implement a specific business price or a tiered quantity discount which can increase your sales by reaching more customers that are willing to buy more quantity of your products.

Also, the programme doesn’t have any fees or extra costs! So, the only question is: what are you waiting for?


A few steps to optimise your Amazon Business Detail Pages and make your brand sparkle:

1. Set a business price or tiered quantity discount

As business customers look for discounts as they tend to buy more and return less, you can set a business price or a tiered quantity discount to attract more business customers.

2. Create an Amazon business profile

The business customers’ buying decision is influenced by the supplier’s capabilities and maturity, so a business profile can help you stand out from other Sellers.

3. Use Amazon’s Enhanced Product Content

The more information to help make it easier for a customer to understand your products the better your chances are for increasing sales on Amazon. We recommend uploading everything from CAD drawings, and manufacturers’ specs to user guides. These can help purchasers make informed purchasing decisions.

4. Highlight your quality and diversity certifications

Some businesses have goals that specifically target spending with small or diverse businesses. Highlight your certifications to increase your presence on the search results page!

5. Accept or negotiate quote requests

Business customers have the possibility to request quotes. If you sell a particular product you can respond to these requests with a discounted offer.

You can see and respond to quantity discount requests on the Manage Quotes page. Business customers can submit the number of units that they would like to purchase.

6. Create business-only offers

If you want to attract business customers, create business-only offers that show exclusively to Amazon Business customers!

Only business customers who are registered for Amazon business will be able to see your business offers, all other Amazon customers will see your consumer pricing.


Our thoughts

Amazon Business is a no-brainer for brands to take advantage of when selling on Amazon.  It’s a useful tool to create unique prices and bundles that are only visible to business customers and help increase sales and drive repeat purchases.

Our verdict: a must-have if you sell relevant products!

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