Leveraging the Amazon Influencer Programme: A Guide for E-commerce Brands

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  • DATE: 28/05/2024

The age of the influencer is not going anywhere soon, and e-commerce brands selling on Amazon can leverage influencers’ engaged audience of followers to generate awareness which can lead to sales.

What do the influencers get in return? This is best described as a win-win situation, you as a brand get a sale, but an influencer gets up to 10% of that sale – depending on the category.

The Amazon Influencer Programme stands as a gateway for brands to tap into the vast potential of influencer marketing within the e-commerce landscape. Through strategic collaborations with influential individuals, brands can amplify their reach and drive sales on the world’s largest online marketplace.

What is influencer marketing and its significance in e-commerce?

Influencer marketing emerged over a decade ago with the boom of Instagram and accounts that amassed millions of followers that weren’t your traditional celebrity. Brands could directly tap into millions of followers by paying these accounts to ‘influence’ purchase decisions. And so the ‘Influencer was born.’

Influencer marketing has become a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, leveraging the authority and reach of individuals on social media platforms to promote products and services. In the realm of e-commerce, where competition is fierce and consumer trust is paramount, influencer endorsements offer a powerful means of connecting with target audiences authentically. (Well, if done right there can be bad collaborations that don’t hit the mark and could potentially lose you £££.)

Top tip: Ensure the influencer you decide to work with is aligned with your values and brand. You don’t want to end up with a collaboration that doesn’t quite fit, that could change perceptions of your brand negatively and impact sales.


How e-commerce brands can utilise the programme to boost sales on Amazon

By harnessing the Amazon Influencer Programme, e-commerce brands gain access to a network of trusted voices capable of driving traffic and conversions directly to their product listings on Amazon. This guide will explore the intricacies of the programme and provide actionable insights for brands looking to leverage influencer partnerships for growth.


What is the Amazon Influencer Programme?

The Amazon Influencer programme utilises content creators to provide recommendations via social media channels. It encourages influencers to monetise content by recommending Amazon products and earning commissions on qualifying purchases.

Influencers can do this by employing easy-to-use tools to set up a storefront with products they want to promote and share. They can use a variety of mediums to share the links such as live streams, shoppable photos and videos, and take you directly to the products.

The Amazon algorithm can also show influencer content to shoppers, giving more reach to influencers and the potential to earn more commission. The programme accepts applications from all types of Influencers with a Facebook, Instagram or YouTube account and a meaningful following.

Pssst, did you know: There is another programme for influencers and content creators called the Amazon Affiliate Programme, where influencers can share links to product pages with their affiliate tag in the URL, but cannot create storefronts!


Eligibility criteria for influencers and e-commerce brands

Influencers must meet certain eligibility criteria, including a minimum follower count and engagement metrics, to qualify for the programme. This is decided by Amazon, apply here to start the process.

E-commerce brands must have an active Amazon Seller Central account and meet specific performance metrics to participate.


Why e-commerce brands should consider collaborating with Amazon Influencers

Do you still need a little convincing? Here’s why engaging with an Amazon influencer could be good for your e-commerce brand:

1. Expands reach and visibility to target and engage audiences

Influencers possess the unique ability to reach niche audiences with precision and authenticity, making them invaluable partners for e-commerce brands looking to expand their market reach.


2. Build credibility and trust through influencer endorsements

The endorsement of a trusted influencer can lend credibility and authenticity to a brand’s products, helping to overcome consumer scepticism and foster trust in the purchasing decision.


3. Drive traffic and sales directly to Amazon product listings

By leveraging affiliate links and curated storefronts, e-commerce brands can drive qualified traffic directly to their product listings on Amazon, resulting in increased visibility and conversions.


4. Leverage influencer-generated content for marketing purposes

In addition to driving sales, influencer collaborations yield a treasure trove of user-generated content that can be repurposed across marketing channels, further amplifying the reach and impact of the partnership.


How to identify and collaborate with Amazon Influencers

Stuck on how to find the right fit of collaborations that will treat your brand with care? There are ways you can find the right partner, here’s the steps:

1. Researching and identifying suitable influencers for your brand

Effective influencer partnerships begin with thorough research and vetting to ensure alignment with brand values and target demographics. Different types of influencers command different prices and have different audiences; micro-influencers to macro-influencers.

It’s also imperative to find an influencer that is aligned with your brand, and an engaged audience within your category. For example, if you sell DIY products, then approaching an influencer within the interior design space or

A few useful ways to find influencers:

  • Through Amazon Live (US only). Amazon Live is Amazon’s answer to the shopping channel on TV, and there is a list of creators on there that could help your search.
  • Search via IG, YouTube, TikTok. For example, on IG there could be useful hashtags to help your search like #AmazonFinds #AmazonHaul.
  • Influencer Marketplace platforms take away the manual work and do this for you automatically.


2. Create a personalised pitch for influencer outreach!

Personalised outreach is key to securing influencer partnerships, demonstrating a genuine interest in collaborating and providing clear value propositions for both parties involved.

Make a list of influencers that align with your brand values and would be someone who would buy your product. Then split them into columns in order of size of following, so you understand your approach.

The best way to reach out is to send a DM on IG or TT that you are interested in a collaboration between [your brand] and [the influencer] and if there is an email address you can send the pitch.

If you get replies then you can tailor a pitch deck to include their names etc, but have foundational slides that don’t need to be changed like the concept of the collaboration, a bit about the brand, what you expect from the collaboration and details about the Amazon affiliate marketing initiative to save time.


Tactics for maximising the impact of influencer partnerships on Amazon.

Time to turbocharge your influencer partnership with these tactics:

1. Creating compelling product stories and narratives for influencers to convey

Storytelling lies at the heart of effective influencer marketing, with brands tasked with providing influencers with compelling narratives to convey to their audience. If you don’t brief the influencer on what you want, how can they deliver what you expect?

Having a clear brief that conveys the narrative of the story is paramount. Be as robust as possible as if you are already writing the story, with clear directions and shots that you think could be great to incorporate.

This will leave little room for error and means time is less likely to be wasted. And, of course, the influencer delivers the best possible content that entices customers to buy.


2. Provide influencers with exclusive offers or discounts for their followers

Exclusive offers and discounts incentivise followers to take action on influencer recommendations, driving conversions and fostering brand loyalty in the process.


3. Encourage user-generated content and engagement with branded hashtags

Branded hashtags and user-generated content serve as powerful tools for amplifying the reach and impact of influencer partnerships, facilitating organic engagement and community building.

Influencer-generated content can also be used in future marketing tools (remember to include this in the contract) saving you time creating content!


Our thoughts

Widening your influencer strategy to include Amazon should be part of the influencer marketing conversation for your e-commerce brand!

Conversion rates tend to be higher on Amazon than on direct-to-consumer websites, so it’s a smart decision to work with an Amazon influencer. Enable them to succeed by giving them promo codes specifically for their audience, and ensure you give them all the assets, narrative and storytelling tactics to help them promote your brand the way you want.

This is an opportunity to leverage engaged audiences to drive awareness and sales, without doing a lot of the leg work. Sure, there is work at the start with pitching, and contracts, but once this is out the way, hopefully (with the right partner!) you will see the £££ come through.

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