Harnessing the Power of Keyword Research Tools in Amazon PPC Campaigns

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
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  • DATE: 14/12/2023

Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising emerges as a critical tool for brands wanting to stand out in the digital marketplace, where competition is fierce and visibility is vital.

Amazon PPC is ‌an advanced advertising approach that allows sellers to bid on keywords and pay a charge only when a potential buyer clicks on their ad. This method not only increases product visibility but also drives targeted traffic to your listings, dramatically improving the possibility of purchases.

To unlock your keyword research potential, read on.


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Understanding Amazon PPC Keywords

Keyword research is vital to the success of Amazon PPC ads. The process involves not just discovering words, but also digging into the minds of potential buyers, analysing their search behaviours, and matching ads with the words they use. Such strategic synergy ensures higher ad relevancy, which directly influences campaign performance and, eventually, sales.

But. Understanding the importance of keywords in Amazon PPC ads is where the magic really happens. Keywords act as links, connecting customer search queries to the right advertisements. The match types of keywords – broad, phrase, and exact – impact the visibility and reach of these ads.

  • Broad match keywords are those that trigger advertising for searches that include any word in the keyword phrase in any sequence, providing the most reach but the least specificity.
  • Phrase match keywords display advertisements for searches that contain the exact phrase or close variations, balancing reach and relevance.
  • Exact match keywords, the most specific type, trigger ads for searches that match the exact phrase, or close variations of it.

The key lies in the relevance and targeted nature of these keywords, as they determine the success of the products in reaching the right audience.


Key Metrics in Amazon PPC

Understanding keywords, however, is only one part of the equation. Amazon PPC management involves navigating key metrics such as;

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion Rate (CR)
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Ad Spend

These metrics provide invaluable insights into the performance of Amazon ads, helping sellers optimise their strategies. For example, a high CTR suggests that the ads are relevant and appealing to the target audience, whereas a high CR indicates that the ads are not only attracting clicks but are also effective at converting these clicks into conversions. CPC and ROAS provide a glimpse into the cost efficiency of campaigns by identifying the balance between expenditure and earnings.

For a deeper dive check out our article ACoS vs TACoS here.


Popular Keyword Research Tools for Amazon PPC

Keyword research tools are essential in the complex world of Amazon PPC. The Amazon Search Term Report, provides information based on actual Amazon searches, whereas the Amazon Search Bar highlights popular search terms customers are using. These features provide a basic insight into how buyers find things and what terms they use in their searches.

Additionally, there are third-party tools that can elevate and expand your research even further.

  • Helium10 is a comprehensive suite for keyword research and Amazon marketplace analytics



  • Fern (formerly known as Sherlock) is an automation tool that gives you the flexibility to automate everything you’re still doing manually and more – such as search term recommendations!

Amazon PPC Automation Tool - Fern

Example of Fern’s powerful automated services


  • Jungle Scout provides keyword suggestions as well as competitive analysis

Jungle Scout


  • Ahrefs is a tool known for its extensive keyword research and SEO capabilities



  • Google Keyword Tool is useful for understanding broader search trends outside of Amazon

Google Keyword Tool


These powerful tools not only help brands and agencies identify high-performing keywords, but they also provide valuable data on search volumes, competition, and emerging trends, allowing them to bolster their strategies even further.


Step-by-Step Guide: Using Keyword Research Tools for Amazon PPC

Successful PPC campaigns begin with a strategic setup that includes defining clear goals, selecting the right ad types, and budgeting. Identifying suitable keywords using research tools is critical to this, as it requires uncovering terms that resonate with potential customers and are likely to increase conversions.

The next stage, analysing search volumes and competitiveness, requires a fine balance. It’s all about selecting keywords that provide awareness while avoiding excessive competition, resulting in a cost-effective campaign. This leads to the fundamental task of constantly improving your keyword list based on performance data. Monitoring metrics like click-through and conversion rates will help you understand which keywords are working and which aren’t, allowing you to make timely adjustments.

Finally, efficient bid and budget management are crucial. This requires dynamically tweaking bids on high-performing keywords to capitalise on their performance while reducing bids on low-performing keywords to optimise resource allocation. Amazon PPC ads can be fine-tuned using this flexible and data-driven method to achieve optimal efficiency and return on investment.


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Advanced Strategies for Amazon PPC Keyword Optimisation

Advanced keyword optimisation tactics can improve campaign performance even further. For instance, long-tail keywords target more precise, typically less competitive search queries, allowing you to reach a niche audience. Negative keywords increase campaign targeting by removing irrelevant traffic, thereby improving ad efficiency and effectiveness. Dynamic keyword insertion in ad copy can also be a powerful tool, exposing potential customers to more personalised and relevant ads.


Common Mistakes to Avoid in Amazon PPC Keyword Research

On the other hand, oversights in Amazon PPC keyword research can have an adverse effect on campaigns. Neglecting the importance of negative keywords or ignoring the possibilities of long-tail keywords will result in inefficient targeting and lost ad spend. Similarly, focusing primarily on high-competition keywords could lead to less exposure and higher costs.

Not consistently reviewing and altering campaigns based on data may also result in missed opportunities for optimisation and development.


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Future Trends in Amazon PPC and Keyword Research

Looking forward, Amazon PPC and keyword research are likely to undergo major changes. The algorithms and features on the Amazon platform are constantly evolving, needing an adaptive strategy from brands. Furthermore, incorporating AI into keyword research tools is likely to revolutionise the way keyword strategies are formulated, providing more nuanced and predictive insight. To stay ahead of the competition, brands must remain adaptable, embrace these innovations, and constantly refine their strategy.


Our Thoughts

Keyword research is extremely important with Amazon PPC. It is the foundation of effective PPC campaigns, with a direct impact on their success. To achieve a competitive advantage, sellers must leverage both Amazon’s own assets and third-party keyword research tools. By continually adapting to the changing landscape and optimising strategies with the latest tools and trends, brands can not only improve their visibility on Amazon but also significantly increase their sales and profitability. The ever-changing world of Amazon PPC demands a proactive approach in which ongoing learning, experimenting, and continuous improvement are inescapable for success. Looking into the future, brands that master the art of keyword research and adapt to new trends will thrive in this competitive landscape.

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