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  • DATE: 05/03/2024

In 2019 Amazon launched its very QVC-esque feature – Amazon Live. The feature is not too dissimilar to the concept of the shopping channels you see on TV, and since its launch, it has seen its popularity increase.

It provides sellers with the opportunity to blend commerce with content creation and allows brands to build an audience on the platform and a different way to connect, inform and educate on products.

For example, say you’re a beauty brand, you can utilise Amazon Live to do a beauty tutorial with your products, offering a dynamic way to talk about your latest product and answer questions through a live Q&A.

So how does it work? Time for the show!

What is Amazon Live?

As we mentioned, it’s similar to live shopping channels you see on TV, except this is a live stream hosted on Amazon’s website.

The Amazon Live programme appears on the Amazon Live homepage and your brand’s product detail pages. Hosts can speak about products and demonstrate how they work while being able to interact with the audience and answer questions in real-time.


Amazon Live


When you click on to Amazon Live homepage, shoppers will see a live stream playing at the top, with suggestions of live streams underneath to browse.


Amazon Live homepage


And, much like social media channels, Amazon has top influencers/ creators that you can search for!


Amazon Top Influencers or Creators


The Amazon Live programme also features shoppable links within the live streams which gives viewers the chance to purchase products directly. There is also a follow feature so viewers can stay connected to their favourite brands and influencers.


Why should sellers use Amazon Live?

Amazon Live opens up another avenue for connecting with your audience and raising awareness of your products! Amazon Live can:

  • Drive discoverability: Streaming life allows you to get your products in front of a wider audience which increases brand awareness.
  • Interact with your viewers: Livestreaming enables a Q&A with customers, meaning you can alleviate any fears or concerns they may have in real time, encouraging purchases!
  • Showcase your best products: Increase the likelihood of product purchases through an interactive experience, giving customers the chance to view how the product is used. This takes away some of the ambiguity of shopping online and reduces the risk of returns.
  • Give your listing a boost: Your Amazon Live stream will appear on your listing detail page directly under your images. This provides shoppers the chance to learn more about your product as they browse your listing!


Three ways to use Amazon Live

There are three ways you can engage audiences using Amazon Live, take a look:

1. Amazon Managed Service and Presenters

Brands can participate in live programmes produced by Amazon. These broadcasts, often themed and inspirational, are carefully designed and have a clear objective. Presenters provide real-life testimonials and live demonstrations to educate shoppers about products available on Amazon.

2. Amazon influencers

Take advantage of Amazon influencers’ audiences and reach by sponsoring influencers’ live streams using the Amazon Live Creator app. Influencers can use your product, demonstrate how it works and share with viewers why they love it.

3. Do it yourself

And of course, another way to use Amazon Live is to use it yourself! You can stream directly from your iOS device to Amazon with the Amazon Live Creator app and have complete control over the content.


Who can use Amazon Live?

At the moment this is still only available for US customers, we are hoping this will be pushed out to more markets soon! You can use Amazon Live if you are:

1. Professional U.S. sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry
2. U.S. vendors with an approved Amazon Store
3. Amazon Influencers* with an active influencer storefront


Lights, Camera, ACTION! How to get started on Amazon Live

You’re almost ready to get the camera rolling, here’s the steps to getting started:

1. Download the Amazon Live Creator iOS app.
2. Sign in with your Sellar Central or advertising console credentials.
3. Follow the app’s instructions to select the products to feature.
4. Choose a title and set a start time.
5. Time to click record! Record your live video directly through Amazon Live Creator or with an external camera and stream it on Amazon.

And then watch the viewers start coming through.


Tips for starting on Amazon Live

So, you want to do live streams yourself? Great! Here are some best practices for filming to enhance your live streams:

Plan Your Content: Before you hit the live button, map out a rough plan for your video. What products are you going to showcase? What key messages do you want to convey? A little preparation goes a long way.

Practice before going live: Going live can be daunting and nerve-wracking, so practice beforehand so you can be as prepared as possible. The Live Creator app has “Practice Mode” to help you familiarize yourself with the features, get used to talking to the camera, test your audio and understand the video settings.

Engage with Your Audience: The magic of Amazon Live lies in its interactivity. So, don’t be shy! Encourage viewers to ask questions, leave comments, and interact with your brand in real time.

Keep It Authentic: Authenticity is key when it comes to live video. Be yourself, show off your personality, and let your passion for your products shine through. Customers will appreciate the genuine connection.

Showcase Your Products: Of course, the star of the show is your products! Make sure they’re front and centre, and demonstrate their features and benefits clearly and compellingly.

Promote Your Live Sessions: Don’t forget to promote your live sessions ahead of time. Share links on your social media channels, and send out email reminders to your newsletter subscribers to create hype for your upcoming broadcast.


Content ideas for Amazon Live streams

Looking for some content ideas for going live on Amazon? Here’s a starter for ten:

1. Give a tutorial on how to use the product.
2. Assemble your product.
3. Style your product.
4. Let your target audience use the product.
5. Do live-only promotions.
6. Collab with an influencer to launch a product on Amazon Live


Our thoughts

We love this feature so much, it’s a shame it’s only available in the US. But that doesn’t mean brands in Europe markets shouldn’t be looking at what the US brands are doing with the feature and how they are using it.

We recommend doing your research now so that when it does become available, you are prepared with a ready-made strategy to build communities and hype your products.

Tutorials, demonstrations and live Q&A’s offer a dynamic way to showcase your products and educate viewers on the benefits, giving an in-depth view of the use cases of the product – and we’re here for it!

Follow our steps above to set up your Amazon Live videos, the best way to get good at it is via trial and error, so go for it and happy streaming!

Are you in the US and need help with your Amazon Live strategy? Or want to stay one step ahead and develop a strategy for when it’s available in your region? We have an abundance of tips and tricks we would love to share. Drop us a message or give us a call.

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