A Guide To Amazon Posts and How Brands Can Use Them in their Strategy

Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
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  • DATE: 15/09/2022

Social media has come to Amazon – well, sort of! Amazon Posts is Amazon’s ‘social media’ initiative designed to help shoppers find new products and engage with their favourite brands. 

It uses the idea of photo sharing and gives brand-registered sellers the ability to share lifestyle and product-related images to a ‘feed’. Essentially, this is Amazon’s version of Instagram. 

It’s great to help the discovery of new products from a brand by customers as well as giving brands the power to maintain storytelling and a continuation of brand identity on Amazon, something that they haven’t been able to before.

So, let’s dive into the nitty gritty of Amazon Posts!

First things first, What are Amazon Posts?

As we mentioned above, Amazon Posts essentially solves the issue of brands not being able to show current and refreshed content, and show more of the personality behind their brand, past their product detail pages and brand store. Amazon is giving sellers the ability to share posts with product images and text to a feed. Hello, social media, welcome to Amazon! 

We can break posts into five customisable elements:

  1. Profile banner: Displays the name and logo of the brand.
  2. Custom Image:  Lifestyle imagery is recommended.
  3. “Show product” icon:  Shows details such as price, star rating and Prime eligibility
    for the product.
  4. Caption text: Custom captions help brands highlight product features. Note: some call-to-actions are not allowed and it’s recommended to check the guidelines.
  5. Category tags: Amazon will auto-tag Posts to relevant product categories. Shoppers are taken to a vertical feed of Posts that are relevant to that category upon the click through.

Who can use Posts? 

The programme is still in the beta stage and is available to sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors and agencies representing vendors in the US only. This is available even if a brand is not active on Amazon Advertising. If it is rolled out globally the same will be applied to all sellers in different countries.


What brands can’t use posts?

However, there are some rules as to what categories are not allowed to post. Posts cannot be created for:

Alcohol beverages, Tobacco products and related tobacco products, Adult products, Tattoos, UV tanning services and equipment.

As we have mentioned, Amazon Posts are only available in the US right now but watch out for the announcement when the global could be.

How do customers see Posts?

All posts appear on a brand’s feed which can be found in the Brand Store. Amazon will automatically place Posts in feeds and on detail pages, based on relevance and customer engagement.

As mentioned earlier, Posts are in the beta stage and as of writing can only be viewed on the mobile app and mobile browser version for US users only. Watch this space for the global rollout!


Why should you start using Amazon Posts as a brand?

There are plenty of reasons why (when it’s available in your region) you should utilise this new social media initiative: 

  1. Product Discovery: Builds brand awareness so shoppers can discover new products and it can also help reach customer acquisition goals.
  2. Valuable Metrics: Brands can tap into valuable metrics such as reach, follow clicks, product clicks, viewable impressions and engagement rates. This information can even be used as insights into other social media platforms a brand uses.
  3. Engage your audience: The benefit of social media is brands can engage directly with customers, this gives you another way of speaking directly with the customer and answering queries / nurturing an online community.
  4. Wider Demographic:  Another way to repurpose social media assets for Amazon. Lifestyle imagery is often costly and this helps provides another avenue for a wider audience. Now you can continue telling your brand story in a way that’s unique to you on Amazon.
  5. Included for Brand Registered Brands: Free service across Amazon and will be rolled out globally.  Did you read that? It’s free!


What are other brands doing with Amazon Posts?

Your region might not have access to Amazon Posts, yet, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for when it does by including it in your Amazon strategy to future-proof yourself. Take a look at how TruffleHunter and other brands are using it so far. 


exmaple of Truffle Hunter using Amazon Posts

Example of how Amazon show related posts on Amazon from several brands.

Our perspective on Posts

With the rise of shoppable video/e-commerce live streaming, posts might not be on top of the strategy for brands. But as the Amazon platform continues to develop and expand the types of media and content placements available to brands, experimenting with posts is a good place to start building a strong foothold for Amazon’s social content options.

Want to get a head start on your Amazon Posts strategy, or do you want to optimise your feed? We can help with that!

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