Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days October 2023: How Brands Can Win in Q4 2023

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If you missed Amazon’s recent Prime Day Event in July – don’t fret! Amazon has just announced Prime Big Deal Days, a Prime member-exclusive e-commerce event taking place this October.

It will take place across 19 countries including the U.S., the UK, and most of the EU between October 10 and 11.

Amazon’s Prime Day Big Deal in October is a great boost to your Q4 profits, with the potential to increase sales by capitalizing on the pre-Christmas shopping season as shoppers look to cash in early for cheap deals. So, what are some of the things you can do to prepare for Prime Big Deal Days and how can you leverage this boost to your Q4?

Key learnings from Amazon October Prime Day 2022

Firstly, it’s important to understand how last year’s October Prime Day was for brands, and the key learnings from that to prepare effectively for the upcoming Prime Big Deal Days – here’s what we know from last year:

  • While last year’s October Prime Day didn’t perform as well as July’s, it was the first time Amazon ran a Fall Prime Day in the same year as July Prime Day, with more awareness around the July event, it wasn’t expected to perform the same. We predicted last year that it would become more popular year after year as people become more aware of it and expect to see this reflected in October this year.
  • Inflation and the current economic climate curbed buyer spending. Statistics from Numerator found that 79% of people said that inflation impacted their shopping behaviours.
  • Brands that saw a higher impact were running promotions. Accounts that didn’t might have seen an increase in clicks and therefore in spend but not in revenue.
  • We also found that October Prime Day 2022 was smaller compared to July Prime Day for our brands, with spikes in traffic and sales mostly seen in the US and search volumes weren’t as high.

However, this is still a super important date for your shopping calendar as a brand, as it’s still a boost for the start of the busiest shopping season of the year, and getting everything in place will also be a good exercise to do in preparation for the Christmas shopping season.


How to prepare for Amazon Prime Big Deal Events 2023

There are a few ways that you can get your brand ready and propel you toward revenue goals:

1. Stock management and inventory planning
2. Set up promotions
3. Content and Brand Store optimisation
4. Optimise & scale your Amazon advertising campaigns


Stock Management and Inventory Planning

This one is really important – ensure you have enough stock available during October’s Prime Big Deal Days events! You can send sufficient stock to Amazon warehouses well in advance as during seasonal periods Amazon can take more time processing stock.


Set up Promotions

Set up promotions for the Prime Big Deal Days to attract shoppers and increase CTR and CR. In order to do this we recommend leveraging Prime-exclusive discounts or lightning deals and making sure you submit them in time for them to be approved. Tidy up any promotions, coupons and vouchers and make sure you optimise up-sell and cross-selling for your brand.


Content and Brant Store Optimisation

Just like you would clean, organise and add seasonal branding to a brick-and-mortar shop, you need to do some work to make sure your online storefront and content is optimised for Prime Big Deal Days – here are a few ways to do this:

  • Add seasonal backend search terms! Do some research beforehand and add these to your listings.
  • Create dedicated seasonal storefronts or sections within existing stores to showcase Prime Day or other event deals and offerings.
  • Optimise product titles, bullet points, and descriptions with relevant seasonal keywords to improve search visibility and click-through rates.
  • Ensure that your content is mobile-friendly as this is where many consumers shop from.


Optimise and scale your Amazon advertising campaigns

The key to running a successful Prime Day Big Deals ads strategy is being prepared ahead of time and ensuring you are constantly monitoring your account. Brands must ensure all ad campaigns are structured correctly and optimised and bids are intact. When it comes to your budget, create a forecast to avoid wasted spend.

We recommend you create a spending forecast and set up specific campaigns before Amazon Prime Day Big Deals. During the two-day period make sure you monitor your campaigns and budgets, and after the event, reduce budgets back to pre-Prime Big Deal Day.

We have put together an Amazon Advertising Plan template which you can get access to for free and use as a guide.


Here are some ad tactics you can implement:

  • Create specific campaigns to target seasonal keywords and boost revenue
  • Create Sponsored Brand campaigns with assets and headlines related to the date
  • Increase bids and budgets while monitoring ACoS


Leverage the days before

You can create brand awareness and hype in the lead-up to the sales event by running discounts one or two days before Prime Fall Day to build anticipation and boost sales momentum!

Who doesn’t remember Blake Lively’s commercial video used on social media platforms for Betty Buzz and Betty Booze a couple of days ahead of July’s prime day 2023?

And although if you do not have the resources to put together a video for October’s Prime Day Big Deals, you can always run activities such as a giveaway in order to build up your email list and your social media accounts and during Prime Day Big Deals email your subscribers and let your social media followers know all the information to access your store and offers on Amazon.


Our thoughts

While we are still light on some of the details of Amazon Prime Big Deal Day, we think that this will prove to be bigger than last October’s event, and brands will see a boost to their Q4 sales.

The key is to make sure you are prepared ahead of time by organizing your stock, setting up promotions, optimising your listing and developing a strong advertising strategy.

Taking advantage of this event could lead to strong sales before the festive holidays as well as brand awareness too.

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