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Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
  • CATEGORY: Amazon News
  • DATE: 23/02/2024

Amazon claims that experimenting with your campaigns can increase your sales by up to 25%.

Running A/B tests are important as they allow you to compare performance and interaction to different versions of content, so you can identify which approach has the highest performance – so you can replicate the tactics and have maximum impact.

But let’s be honest, setting up multiple A/B tests can be quite laborious, especially if you want to run several for one product ASIN.

So, the exciting new feature from Amazon that will delight anyone who spends copious amounts of time setting up A/B tests – is Amazon’s Simultaneous Experiments feature.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is the Simultaneous Experiments feature?

It does exactly as it sounds like, it allows you to run simultaneous experiments (e.g. title, images, bullet points and A+ content) for a single product ASIN within one experiment. This gives you the chance to trial and error different A/B tests on your amazon brand listing

You can manage experiments in the following areas:

  • Main product images: Discover what image entices customers. Here you can help answer the question of what’s better white background product images or lifestyle images?
  • Product titles: Here you can find out if short-attention-grabbing titles do the trick or if longer titles highlighting product features encourage the most click-throughs.
  • Product descriptions: Test different versions of a product description to see what different attributes encourage higher engagement and clicks.
  • Bullet points: Understand better the information that your customers care about when reading product descriptions by changing your bullet points to be feature-focused, benefit-focused or more detail-oriented. Add in different keywords and trial different points.

Amazon’s Simultaneous Experiments means you can, for example, test the effects of adding your brand name to the title, while also adding your brand logo in an image as well as making changes to your A+ content – all at the same time!


How to set up a Simultaneous Experiment

Simply go to ‘ Manage Your Experiments’ > select the product > select the different attributes you want to optimise.

Important note on eligibility: Your product needs to have received high traffic recently to be eligible for experimentation. You need a lot of traffic to determine which experiment type is performing much better than the rest.


Our thoughts

The new Simultaneous Experiments feature is a great boost for your A/B testing on Amazon! In just a few clicks, you can set up simultaneous experiments, saving some valuable time while gaining useful data that has the potential to level up your brand listings and increase sales!

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