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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
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  • DATE: 02/11/2023

Wondering how to improve shopper engagement on your Amazon Store?

Well – great news, Amazon has recently rolled out some exciting new recommendations aimed to help you enhance engagement from shoppers.
The aim is to provide insights into a store’s performance and suggestions on how to improve it.

Note: This is currently in beta, so you may not be able to have access to it.

What metrics are included in the Amazon Store Report?

The key metrics include:

  • Store’s Score: This indicates how well the Store engages shoppers e.g. if they interact with your modules, click on different products, watch videos etc.
  • Average Dwell Time: This measures the average time shoppers spend on your Amazon Store. A short average time can indicate that the content on your store needs to be improved and a high dwell time could mean that you’ve used the right keywords, have great content and are providing an easy shopping experience. However, if the latter is you, don’t get complacent! Always keep an eye on this metric and look to improve whenever you can.
  • Retail Peer Set Average Dwell Time Median: This handy metric gives a comparison to similar retail peers so you can see what your industry average is. If you fall below the average then this is when you would look to make changes to your Amazon Store.


Collectively, these metrics offer a snapshot of how your Amazon store is performing, helping you to identify areas for improvement and maintain a high level of shopper engagement.


How to access your Amazon Store Report

To dive deeper into the Store’s performance and receive personalised recommendations, you can access the full report:

  • Go to Store Insights.


  • Click on “Quality” from the left-hand navigation.


Why are these metrics important?

They are a good insight into how your Amazon store is performing with shoppers and how this compares to your peers. You want to be checking these metrics in your Amazon Store report regularly so you can monitor your performance and changes made, so you can maximise results.

We recommend setting KPIs for the three key metrics in the Amazon Store report so you can benchmark your efforts and success. Focusing on this is a win-win as if you optimise your Amazon Store it enhances a shopper’s experience as well as increasing sales for you!



Our thoughts

The new Amazon Store Report is another tool in your box to help you enhance engagement from shoppers! It gives you a snapshot of how your store is performing in an easy-to-read report for you to take action on based on the KPIs you set. We recommend checking this report regularly – just like you would the other performance metrics – and using them to inform how to optimise your Amazon Store or how your efforts for optimising are doing.

Still a little baffled at what to do with your Amazon Store report and what the metrics mean? We can help! Our team of Amazon experts would be happy to talk this over for you, just send us a message or give us a call and we’ll have a chat about any concerns or queries!

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