Enhance Your Amazon Sponsored Brand Campaigns with Amazon’s New Slideshow Ads

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
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  • DATE: 17/10/2023

One thing you can count on with Amazon: they are always looking at ways to evolve and improve advertising so sellers can reach audiences in new and innovative ways. Amazon has unveiled an exciting new feature for Sponsored Brands advertisers – Slideshow ads.

If you don’t know – Sponsored Brands are personalised ads that include your brand logo, custom headline and the ability to include various products. They appear within the shopping results and on product detail pages and help drive brand discovery amongst customers who purchase products similar to yours. You can find out more about Sponsored Brand and more ad types in our Amazon advertising guide.

And this latest feature, to your Sponsored Brand creative capabilities, empowers brands to creatively story-tell further. Take a look:

What are Slideshow Ads?

The newly announced Slideshow ads are a dynamic extension of the existing lifestyle creatives available to Sponsored Brands advertisers.

These eye-catching ads will appear at the top of search results pages, offering an engaging way to showcase your products.

Slideshow ads consist of a carousel featuring 2-5 lifestyle images that auto-rotate. Shoppers can interact with these ads by pausing the slideshow at any point or navigating between images with simple swipes.


Slideshow ads mobile experience – top of search


Slideshow Ads desktop experience – top of search


Why Are Slideshow Ads Important?

This new feature is another tool in an advertiser’s arsenal to craft compelling and immersive brand stories which increase brand awareness and recall. The more memorable your ads = the more memorable your brand will be.
They give you a chance to get more creative too so you can really test out various images and creatives and see which one resonates more!


How to create a Slideshow ad?

To create a Slideshow ad, simply select the ‘product collection’ ad format in the campaign manager tool and add two or more lifestyle images that represent your brand.

You can source images from various places, including your asset library within the campaign manager, social media advertising, and your Brand Store.


Who is eligible to use Amazon Slideshow ads?

The good news is that these new ad types will be available to pretty much everyone who advertises on Amazon! Vendors, registered sellers, authors, and those who use managed-service and self-service across the USA, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific will be able to utilize Amazon Slideshow ads.


Slideshow Ads you need to try

Time to enhance your Sponsored Brand ads – why not test some of these ideas in your new advertising? We’ve created some ideas for you to make your Brand Story pop:

1. Similar products slideshow: Great if you want to encourage a shopper to still make a purchase after they leave the buying journey for a product.

2. Brand story slideshow: Use this for a brand awareness campaign that can highlight a KSP, or create an emotional story that creates a connection between the shoppers to your brand.

3. Tell a sequential story: Either showcasing products that together make a special gift package for someone, or you could tell a story with an intro, climax and ending that helps create a connection between the ad and the audience.

4. Product application: For example; recipes using the advertised product as an ingredient, or showcase product in packaging + applied product, like a face mask. This is great because it showcases the product in use, and that might encourage a buyer’s decision.


Our thoughts

We are like kids at Christmas when Amazon release new feature updates and we love this new one! Slideshow Ads enhance your visual storytelling in your ads, giving them a boost as well as your brand.

This is another way to creatively tell your brand story and showcase more of your products in one ad. Slideshow ads have historically been popular on other advertising platforms like Facebook, as they give more information and can be more cost-effective than sharing a video.

Need our help?

Need some help with using Amazon’s new Slideshow Ads effectively? We’ve got you! Our team of Amazon experts can guide you on best practices when it comes to utilising Slideshow Ads and other ad types for Sponsored Brands! Send us a message or give us a call to get more info.


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