As a new-to-Amazon brand, where should I focus?

Building a strong foundation is key to success on Amazon – but where do you start?

Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
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  • DATE: 19/09/2019

Why the need for focus?

When speaking to brand-owners—who are thinking about or have just started to dip—their toes into the Amazon platform, I’m often asked: where should I focus?

And that’s a great question because the Amazon-platform-toolkit offers a multitude of tools. Of course, Amazon drives visibility and helps shoppers discover your brand. It helps you grow your sales and expands your global reach. It’s a great platform, but it’s also a minefield, so you will want to know where to start and what to prioritise.

Three Tools for a Strong Foundation

We’ve identified three main tools that will help your brand build a strong foundation on the platform.

Offer Rapid Delivery

As an Amazon customer, have you ever checked a box to filter your search results to Prime offers only? Sure you have.

Customers want to receive products quickly. As a brand, you need to ensure that you’re providing rapid delivery; otherwise, you’ll lose sales.

If you’re operating a Vendor model with Amazon, you’re already covered: Amazon always offers Prime shipping on products they sell on behalf of brands.

If you’re operating a Seller model with Amazon, you have three options.

Fulfilled by Amazon: gain access to Prime customers automatically

Select this option to use Amazon’s warehouses to store and ship customer orders. Amazon will handle all order fulfilment on your behalf, as well as take care of returns. You pay Amazon a fee, which depends on the size and weight of your product. It’s a good, relatively hands-off approach to fulfilment.

Seller-Fulfilled Prime: demonstrate you can meet Amazon’s Prime delivery promises

Select this option to ship orders to Amazon customers from your own warehouse. Because you’ve demonstrated to Amazon that you can meet their Prime-delivery options, you’ll have the Prime badge on your listing.

Fulfilled by Merchant: no access to Prime customers

This option to ship orders to customers directly from your own warehouse. However, you won’t have access to Prime customers, so it’s not an option we usually recommend.

Optimise Your Product Detail Pages

Once you’ve chosen the Amazon model you wish to work with and you have set up your account, you’ll need to optimise your product detail pages.

Too often, we see product detail pages that contain copied content (from a catalogue or a website), which has not been optimised for the Amazon platform or the Amazon customer.

Because Amazon is a search-based platform, optimised product detail pages include the right keywords to enable customers to find your products. Great product detail page copy not only includes the right keywords, but also drives consumers to purchase through excellent sales copywriting.

Don’t forget images. To drive sales conversions, include clear, well-designed images that tell your brand’s story effectively.

If you’re looking for more optimising tips and tricks for your product detail pages, visit the guide we’ve written.

Drive Traffic with Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads boost your visibility on the platform and increase traffic on your product detail pages. Brands with a strong Amazon ad strategy typically see that Amazon ads drive between 30-50% of their total marketplace sales. If you’re not already driving sales through Amazon ads, take advantage of this great opportunity!

Amazon offers multiple ad types, including Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display. A strong ad strategy includes using a well-defined mix of these types to find new targeting options for your products, and in turn, to grow your sales.

If you’re already running Amazon Ads, make sure you’re not making these common mistakes.

Build Your Foundation First

Start with these three tools before you explore other tools available in your Amazon toolbelt, such as Brand Stores, review strategies, deals & promotions, and DSP to name just a few. We see these as optimisations and areas to support further growth, but you want to begin by building a strong foundation on the platform.

That foundation should be your first goal.

If you have questions or need help building your Amazon foundation, we’re here. Contact us today to discover how we can help you grow your sales through Amazon.

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