Back to Basics: What is an Amazon Brand Store?

Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
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  • DATE: 24/05/2023

If you’re new to the Amazon world, understanding the ins and outs of Amazon is key to starting off right.

And, we’re here to help! Your brand store is a starting point for any brand that wants to sell on the Amazon platform.

What is an Amazon Brand Store?

An Amazon brand store is a customized storefront on Amazon that allows brand owners to showcase their products and brand story to shoppers on Amazon. Thanks to its brand-centric appearance, it provides shoppers with an easy and immersive shopping experience.

It includes a dedicated URL, customizable layout, and features such as videos and images to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Brand Stores are available to both Vendors and Sellers that have a brand registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry.


amazon brand store

Example of a Brand Store from Scottish Spirits Brand House of Boë

What are the benefits a brand store can provide to a business?

  • Increased brand visibility: You have a unique opportunity to showcase your products and brand to potential Amazon customers. This can lead to increased brand awareness and ultimately, more sales, win!
  • Customizable design: You can customize the design of your storefront to match your branding. This can help create a more cohesive and professional look for all your channels.
  • Enhanced customer experience: They offer a more immersive shopping experience for customers by showcasing products in a visually appealing manner. This makes it easy for customers to browse and discover products with ease, helping increase customer engagement and ultimately lead to more sales.
  • Access to valuable insights: Brand stores provide businesses with detailed analytics on customer behaviour, including page views, clicks, and sales per visitor. This information can help you optimize your storefront and better understand your customers.
  • Optimise your ad performance: By linking your store with Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display Ads, your ads can achieve optimal performance by featuring your complete product line, rather than just one item. Also, you can direct customers to your brand store when running ads on different platforms.
  • Organic ranking: Having a store also helps to increase your organic ranks on Amazon – Hip-hip-hooray!


Tips for taking your Amazon Store to the next level 🔥

1. Create a captivating homepage that tells your brand’s story and boosts awareness among your target audience. Remember, you want to make sure your branding, logos, brand colours and your brand story also appear on your Store.


2. Organize your sub-pages to showcase your product categories and ranges in a structured, eye-catching way. We recommend organizing them something like this:


3. Finally, wow your customers with high-resolution, engaging content that helps them explore and learn about your products based on their unique needs. We’ve worked with many brands on this and know how engaging content helps your brand stand out from the crowd.


Our thoughts

Having a brand store on Amazon can be incredibly beneficial for businesses looking to build brand recognition, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience.

By leveraging Amazon’s vast audience and tools, businesses can create a successful online presence and achieve long-term growth.

Ready to set up your Amazon Brand Store, or want to take yours to the next level? Let us help.



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