How Can Brands Build Consumer Trust on Amazon?

Roisin McGrath

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  • AUTHOR: Roisin McGrath
  • CATEGORY: Amazon Brand Strategy
  • DATE: 09/02/2022

Consumers trust Amazon. That trust has been built and maintained by consistent and transparent product experiences. As Forbes said, “Amazon has earned our trust by delivering the products we want, on time, intact, in the same branded brown boxes—consistently.”

Yet, with more and more brands coming to the platform and competing for consumers’ prized attention, how do you make sure your brand remains the first choice? How should consumers know that your brand is the one to trust?

People buy from people they trust

Friends and family members are always considered to be among the most influential forms of advertising. And that’s also because of trust. That’s why word-of-mouth marketing strategies can’t be matched against any other ad campaign. Consumers perceive recommendations and reviews to directly reflect product quality. 

The good news is that Amazon allows brands to optimise on this. Those that build their sales strategy around trust will see an increased market share and future-proof their product listings against competitors.

Here’s how you do it:

Create a strong brand identity

We endlessly drill this point home to all of our brands. Invest in high-quality product and packaging design to win consumers’ visual attention. Besides just logo and colours, take time to create a powerful message. Define what makes your product unique and craft an honest and compelling story. 

Consumers are four to six times more likely to purchase from brands with a strong purpose, so express your mission and values. Combine on-point messaging with your branding and pertinent colours, and you’ve got yourself a credible brand.

Drive cross-channel marketing

Amazon might be the second-largest retailer globally, but marketing off Amazon still plays a much more vital role in brand building. Not only will you reach new customers, but when you drive external traffic to Amazon, you receive extra points from the marketplace itself, which helps boost your ranking and increase brand visibility.

This is vital since relying solely on Amazon Advertising can become very costly. Working on your brand recognition now ensures your win in the future, so start off with a brand website and two social channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, then expand further.

Encourage consumer reviews

It’s not just the overall rating that counts. The quantity and quality of feedback can be highly influential too. If consumers are faced with two products, they’re more likely to choose the one with more reviews. This is simply because it means that there are more opinions to trust, highlighting our psychological need for connection and social proof.

That makes the task of asking consumers to leave a review a critical one. Make sure to request opinions and specific feedback, not just stars. Reviews tailored to the customer will make them feel special and not just another buyer. Seeing lots of detailed content will also help make future customers feel comfortable making a purchase.

Maintain accurate and high-quality product listings

Provide a positive user experience by prioritising your catalogue management. People are drawn to brands with clean, consistent and complete product listings so make sure it’s a pleasure not a chore to trawl through yours.

Truthful and informative content will always stand out above anything that seems over-the-top or unrealistic. Be ready with a concise set of FAQs to address consumers’ concerns before they begin researching elsewhere. 

Stay in line with the algorithm

81% of Amazon clicks are for brands on the first page of product results. And 64% are on the first three items. Whilst it’s important to have an understanding of SEO, bear in mind that Amazon is different. When brands nail the unique nuances of Amazon they rise above the competition. Which is especially useful when it comes to combatting third-party resellers.

This means optimised copy with enhanced titles, bullet points and backend keywords – all aligned with Amazon best practices. Make use of the wide variety of tools that are available to research a product’s popularity, and stay on top of, or even better – ahead of, market trends.

We can help make your brand sparkle

We have expertise across all aspects of Amazon so no matter what stage of the Amazon journey you’re at, we have solutions to support your brand and can create an on-going strategy to build consumer trust. 

Interested in what we’re up to, and how we can help your brand? We’d love to chat! Get in touch.

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