New cross-border shipping solutions with pallets for UK sellers

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
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  • DATE: 05/03/2024

ICYMI this update from Amazon for UK sellers: You can send more inventory to the EU using Amazon’s new pallet solution: UPS SCS – AVASK.

Customs Clearance and Shipping Services on Amazon provides brokerage, transport and indirect representation for Fulfilment by Amazon sellers to send inventory between the UK and the EU.

Now, in addition to the available small-parcel solutions, UK sellers can use Amazon’s new pallet solution: UPS SCS – AVASK.

Firstly, what are the Customs Clearance and Shipping Services?

Since the UK left the EU in 2021, this affected the movements of goods shipped across the border as well as prices.
For sellers they will need to use a customs broker as well as a freight forwarder to ship between the UK and the EU, to ensure compliance.

Amazon has two small-parcel shipping solutions and one pallet shipping solution that enables you to inbound directly into an EU FBA Fulfilment Centre when shipping from the UK, using third-party services – AVASK and UPS – which help alleviate the post-Brexit complexities.


There are two small-parcel shipping solutions to choose from:

1. Amazon Transportation Services (ATS) AVASK – Ship from your warehouse to a domestic Amazon Sort Centre, and ATS will ship the goods across the customs border on your behalf for free.

2. UPS AVASK – Ship with UPS from your domestic storage facility, cross-border between the UK and EU into an FBA Fulfilment Centre and receive partnered carrier rates for the entire shipment.


What is the new pallet solution?

Amazon is offering a way to alleviate this for sellers with the pallet solution. It allows you to send more inventory in single shipments; therefore, paying less for your cross-border shipments.
Amazon uses a reliable freight partner, UPS SCS, that will provide you with transport services and using their trusted partner, AVASK, which provides you with experienced brokerage support for €60 per shipment.

This ensures quicker, easier shipments and can offer a cheaper solution for sellers.


How can you opt-in for this option?

Want to hear the good news? If you are new to Amazon Customs Clearance and Shipping Services, you can try this new solution with some additional benefits:

1. Free account setup (one-off)
2. Free indirect representation (one year)

If you are already a registered seller this option is available for Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) sellers.

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