New EPR obligations for packaged goods in the UK

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
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  • DATE: 19/03/2024

Are you clued up on the new packaged goods regulations in the UK? Now is the time to take notice as of April 1st, 2024, Amazon will charge you the eco-contributions they pay on your behalf to ensure you comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements.

This is for those selling packaged goods or empty packaging on, with the UK Gov introducing certain rules around how you need to report these. We will take a look at what the UK Gov requires before detailing how this effects you at Amazon.

What data do you need to collect for EPR requirements?

You need to collect data about the packaging you have supplied within the UK market or imported into the UK. Here are the following categories:

  • Packaging activity: this relates to anything that is supplied under your brand, packing or filling, or importing.
  • Packaging type: If the packaging is household or non-house-hold (add more examples)
  • Packaging class: whether the packaging is primary, secondary, shipment or tertiary.
  • Packaging material and weight data

You may also be obligated to report on nation data – you can find more about this on the UK Gov website.


What changes come into effect on April 1st?

The previous data are what brands reported on currently, as of April 1st there are additional changes to certain categories:

  • Drink containers
  • Filing packages
  • Imported goods
  • Household packaging
  • Supplying empty packaging to large organisations
  • What packaging sellers are responsible for

These changes apply to reporting in 2024, you do not need to add these for 2023 reports. For a full list of changes under each category visit the UK Gov guide.


How this will change operations on Amazon

If you’re not established in the UK, Amazon will assume reporting obligations for your sales on Amazon UK and automatically enrol you in their Pay on Behalf service.

This means that Amazon will report your sales data to the appropriate agency and pay applicable eco-contributions for these sales to the Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) selected by Amazon.

As we said above, starting on April 1st, Amazon could charge you the eco-contributions they have paid on your behalf if you have not done so. This process ensures your products can be sold on Amazon UK.

Don’t want to use the Pay and Behalf service? You can opt-out but you will have to stop selling packaged goods on the Amazon UK website. Amazon will pay and charge the eco-contributions for the sales of packaged goods on Amazon in the UK before sellers remove the listings.


Does the above apply to you? Then we recommend going to EPR Requirements: United Kingdom for more details on how to be compliant, it goes through step by step what is required in each category of packaging!

Also, we’re on hand to guide you through any operational headaches as we know it can be quite daunting to try and understand all the new requirements Amazon releases! Send us a message or call us and we will happily lead you through everything.

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