How to Create Killer Amazon Content

Top tips on how to create quality content on Amazon.

Roisin McGrath

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  • AUTHOR: Roisin McGrath
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  • DATE: 20/06/2020

Centering your business

From launching in 1995 to turning over $135 billion dollars per year, Amazon is the place to be for online retailers. So, what’s the secret? Jeff Bezos says:

“There are many ways to centre a business. You can be competitor focused, you can be product focused, you can be technology focused, you can be business model focused, and there are more. But in my view, obsessive customer focus is by far the most important. Even when they don’t yet know it, customers want something better, and your desire to delight customers will drive you to invent on their behalf!” case study – Smart Insights

Building trust

What Jeff understands, is that when customers know you are focused on them, and want to please them, they begin to trust you. Trust is key and if you want to have consumers coming back to buy products from you time after time, they need to trust you.

With that being said, we have put together some top tips on how to create quality content on Amazon to ensure consumers develop trust for your brand.

How to optimize content in line with Amazon’s A9 algorithm

In order to help customers with their shopping experience, Amazon created an algorithm to ensure the shopper is arriving at their product search destination as efficiently as possible. You’ve probably heard of “SEO” on google, well Amazon SEO is the specialized practice of optimizing product listings specifically for the platform. This algorithm determines the products that are shown (and in what order) when a user searches for something on Amazon” Web Talent Marketing

The A9 algorithm looks at many factors when determining which search results to display when a customer is searching for a product. There should be a good balance between keywords and engaging copy.

Creating Content on Amazon

Producing and delivering trustworthy content is only easy if you have something to showcase or talk about.. There are simply too many other fish in the sea (2.5 million to be exact) selling great products with engaging content.

It’s a waste of resources to drive consumers to your page if the quality of the content is too poor to convert the sale. Not only will it cost you if you are using PPC, if customers are constantly visiting your page and not purchasing your product, Amazon will see this as a sign that your product, and hence your brand, is not trustworthy. They will begin to push you further down the search results until voila! You are no longer a threat to your other competitors.

Fortunately, Amazon has some content rules in place to help you and if you follow these, Amazon will keep you high in the search ranks, Amazon’s Content rules also stress the importance of not keyword stuffing! This used to be an effective way to rank highly in the search results, but now that Amazon is aware of this, it will no longer work and consumers will be put off as it makes you seem less trustworthy. You can check out some of their content rules here.

Images are an important part of producing quality content. We recommend using at least 5-7 optimised images for your product listings. Amazon also had their own standards for product images, which must be adhered to.

  • The image must be the cover art or a professional photograph of the product being sold. (Drawings or illustrations of the product are not allowed. If you are using your phone, make sure you edit the picture before posting!)
  • Often times we find brand’s have great images on their websites. These are great to use for your product listings on Amazon too!
  • The image must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed or scanned, with realistic color, and smooth edges.
  • Products should fill 85% or more of the image frame.
  • Backgrounds must be pure white (RGB 255,255,255).

You can find more information on Amazon’s product image standards on their website.

A+ Content is Amazon’s way of allowing brands to tell their story at same time as highlighting the main features/benefits of the product.

A+ content is useful in so many ways! Most importantly, it’s aesthetic. If a brand is pleasing to look at, consumers are likely to spend more time browsing the page and product listings than their less-catchy competitors content. Check out the A+ content we created for one of our partner brands, (the UK’s most loved Artisan pasta), Pasta Evangelists.

Do you think you’re ready to tackle creating Amazon content? If this still seems daunting, get in touch! We’d love to conduct a free brand audit for you – no strings attached – so we can show you areas of improvement for your brand.

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