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Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
  • CATEGORY: Amazon News
  • DATE: 28/02/2024

ICYMI: On January 31st, Amazon introduced a new feature for product detail pages – images from multiple selling partners will now be displayed on these pages.

You may remember that previously, product detail pages displayed images from one selling partner.

This new update is for hardline product types, which include toys, sporting goods and appliances categories.

Online shopping can be tricky when you don’t fully understand how the product looks, so this update gives you as a seller, the opportunity to make it a teensy bit easier by adding photo variations from selling partners that enable the potential buyer to make an informed purchasing decision.

Here are the new photo requirements:

1. White background: Here you should have a high-quality image of your product on a white background, you want to really showcase the features here(our pet peeve is seeing images are low-quality and blurry). Also, these types of images don’t include any unnecessary items that confuse the buyer. We have seen some sellers showcasing multiple items in one white background image, which confuses rather than giving a detailed view of the item.

2. Environment setting: This is your product in action and your environment should be relevant to your product – this helps the buyer to get a sense of how the product might look in their lives.

3. Size & Fit information: This is a visual representation of the size and fit of the product which can be essential bits of information that a customer needs before making a purchase decision!

If the required images above are not added to the product detail page then, images from other selling partners or Amazon will automatically be added when available, so we highly recommend doing this yourself.


Do you see incorrect images on your product detail page? You need to contact Selling Partner Support to change them.


Pssst: Want some extra help understanding image requirements? Amazon collated this list to keep you on the right track:

1. Product image requirements – Ensure your products are showcased correctly and in the best possible way!
2. Images not appearing on the detail page – Perfect for the “Why is this not working?!” moments to understand why an image may not show up on your detail pages
3. Image issues – All your image issue questions will be answered here.

Do you need help with anything we have talked about in this article? Send us a message or even give us a call, we could talk about the ins and outs of Amazon all day, every day!

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