Instant replacements are available for seller-fulfilled returns

Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
  • CATEGORY: Amazon News
  • DATE: 20/03/2024

Good news for Amazon buyers – as part of Amazon’s Prepaid Return Label programme, buyers are now able to request an instant replacement for items.

If a buyer receives an item that is damaged, defective, or different from what they ordered, this new initiative means they may be able to select a free, instant replacement during the returns process.

With this change, buyers will have a consistent process for returning products across all of Amazon’s fulfilment options.

How does this work?

If you are a buyer, you are required to return the original item within 30 days of receiving the replacement. If they don’t, you’ll be eligible for an automatic reimbursement.

If you return an original item that was used, damaged, or different from what was sent, then sellers can go to Manage SAFE-T Claims to file a claim for reimbursement.


What are SAFE-T Claims?

SAFE-T claims allow sellers to appeal orders that were fully refunded by Amazon for returns using orders that were fully refunded by Amazon, most often for returns using prepaid return labels. You can do this by logging in to your Seller Central account and following these steps:

1. Click on the performance tab and navigate to the A-to-Z Guarantee Claims from the dropdown menu.
2. Locate the specific A-to-Z Guarantee claim you wish to contest.
3. You will find the option to ‘File a SAFE-T Claim’, click on this to start.
4. Fill out the form.
5. Attach supporting evidence and click submit.
6. You can track the status of your claim in the SAFE-T Communication Centre.


What does this update mean for sellers?

This announcement came a few days before it was implemented, so some sellers felt a bit blindsided. This policy means that the control over refunds and replacements has shifted to Amazon, so sellers don’t have autonomy in this area nor can they opt out of this.

There is also concern over buyers using items and making false claims of damage. While we wait to see any data to suggest this has had a negative or positive effect on sellers, you can work to protect your business by utilising the SAFE-T Claims to flag any suspicious activity.

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