Meltable FBA inventory not accepted after April 15th

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  • DATE: 19/04/2024

If you live in a hot country, you’ll know that when summer hits, there are a couple of things always certain to happen:

1. Your air conditioning becomes your best friend
2. Food melts way easier.

And so, we are at that time of year again when Amazon announces that to meet product quality standards, they will no longer accept ‘meltable’ inventory at their fulfilment centres between April 15 and October 15, 2024. If you are a FBA selling merchant with heat-sensitive products, Amazon will not fulfil your orders on those products.

Missed this bit of information? No worries, here is what all this means.

What are meltable products?

Meltable refers to all heat-sensitive products, such as chocolate, gummies, and select jelly- and wax-based products.

Meltable products in Amazon fulfilment centres must withstand temperatures of 75 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit during summer.


You may be interested in our comprehensive guide: How to sell chocolate and meltable inventory on Amazon.


How to check if your product is meltable.

Amazon has a list of ASINs that are classified as meltable products, you can find the ‘Amazon Meltable ASIN List’ in the Seller Central portal under the Inventory tab.

You may find that a product may be classified as meltable based on its formulation or packaging, despite it not being included on the Amazon Meltables List. So, it’s important to assess the potential melting risk of your product. (Remember, if you receive a lot of bad feedback Amazon will penalise you, so it’s crucial to way the risks)

If your product isn’t on the list but you want to check if it melts, ask your supplier what the melting temperature is.


Why was this introduced?

Amazon introduced this restriction on meltable inventory to ensure heat-sensitive products are properly stored and shipped, preventing any damage due to high temperatures during transit. Can you imagine receiving a box of melted chocolate? Nobody wants that, and Amazon definitely doesn’t want to be the one to deliver that to customers!

If they did, it would result in dissatisfied customers and a loss of sales, so the rule is in place to protect the buyers and sellers.


What to do if you think your product should still be sold

Hey, Amazon don’t always get it right, so if you find that your product is on the ‘Meltable List’ but you are certain (we repeat: certain) it should be exempt from this list and still be fulfilled by Amazon during the warmer months, you can make a claim.

To do this you will need to send a letter:

1. From the manufacturer to Amazon’s Selling Partner Support, which should include the manufacturer’s letterhead.
2. Include specific products and ASINs
3. Confirmation the ASIN can be stored at a max temperature of 155 F for an extended time period
4. Contact information for verification.

Then you wait for their response and proceed accordingly.


How to get rid of your stock before April 15th (2025!)

1. Run sales to get rid of excess stock before the 15th!
2. To avoid disposal, you can submit removal orders and avoid the fee. (Check FBA removal order fees here)

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