US Seller Accounts at Risk of Deactivation: Navigating New Consumer Act Requirements

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
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  • DATE: 07/06/2023

The INFORM Consumers Act in the US introduces new requirements for high-volume third-party brands on Amazon, posing a risk of account deactivation. It is vital for US sellers to comprehend and adhere to these regulations diligently.

As the INFORM Consumers Act takes effect on June 27, 2023, high-volume third-party brands like yourselves must be aware of the new requirements that can result in account deactivation. It is of utmost importance that you thoroughly understand and adhere to these regulations to safeguard your valuable seller accounts and preserve your brand’s positive reputation.

Understanding the New Consumer Act Requirements

The Consumer Act is a set of regulations aimed at enhancing consumer protection and promoting fair business practices. It requires you to meet specific requirements to ensure transparency, product safety, and customer service standards. By complying with these requirements, you can build trust with consumers and establish themselves as reputable sellers.


Are You Selling in the US? Here are Some Potential Impacts for Your Account:

Account Deactivation Risk
Failure to comply with the new Consumer Act requirements can result in account deactivation. Amazon takes non-compliance seriously and aims to create a trusted environment for both customers and sellers. It is essential that you adhere to the regulations to avoid the potential consequences of losing your account.

Negative Effects on Brand Reputation
Account deactivation not only poses a risk to the business’s operational continuity but also harms the brand’s reputation on Amazon US. Customers value trustworthy sellers who prioritize their safety and satisfaction. A deactivated account can lead to a loss of customer trust, decreased sales, and long-term damage to your brand’s growth prospects.


Helping you Navigate the New Consumer Act Requirements

Conducting a Compliance Audit
To ensure compliance with the Consumer Act, you should conduct a thorough compliance audit of their operations. This includes reviewing product information accuracy, implementing robust product safety protocols, and assessing customer support processes. By identifying and addressing any areas of non-compliance, you can safeguard their seller accounts and mitigate risks.

Ensuring Product Safety and Quality
Maintaining high product safety and quality standards is crucial for compliance with the Consumer Act. You should implement effective quality control measures and obtain the necessary certifications to demonstrate their commitment to consumer safety. By prioritizing product safety, you can build trust with customers and protect their reputations.

Transparency in Product Listings
Accurate and detailed product information is essential for transparency and compliance. You should provide clear descriptions, high-quality images, and relevant information about their products. By enhancing transparency in product listings, you can empower consumers to make informed purchasing decisions and establish themselves as trustworthy sellers.

Enhancing Customer Service
Prompt and reliable customer support is a key component of compliance with the Consumer Act. You should strive to improve their customer service experience by implementing quick response times, addressing customer concerns efficiently, and offering hassle-free returns. Exceptional customer service helps build positive customer relationships and promotes long-term business growth.


Our Thoughts

By complying with the Consumer Act, you establish trust with consumers, improve sales, and ensure sustainable business growth. Taking the necessary steps to meet the requirements not only benefits your brand but also contributes to a fair and secure marketplace for all stakeholders involved.

They may also be required to annually certify that their information is current.

We recommend you go to your Account Information now to confirm that all of your business information is accurate and current.

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