Enhance Product Listings with The New Reduce Customer Returns Recommendation

Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
  • CATEGORY: Amazon Operations
  • DATE: 01/02/2024

Nothing quite beats the euphoric feeling of seeing customers purchasing your products and sales being made.

So, while they are to be expected, it can often be hard not to take it personally as your anxiety seeps in and you keep thinking “Are my products bad?” when a customer decides to return an item.

Customer returns can be a bit of a nightmare, logistically and economically for your business. Of course, sometimes there are many innocent reasons for customer returns, the product isn’t suitable, doesn’t fit, or the customer no longer needs the product.

But, sometimes it could be down to something that’s not quite adding up on your end.

So, how do you reduce the chance of a customer returning an item? The answer could lie in the overall Customer Experience!

Amazon Introduces Reduce Customer Returns Recommendations

To help you reduce the rate of customer returns, Amazon has launched a new recommendation in the Growth Opportunities tool to help you reduce returns and improve your customer experience.

It is called the “Reduce Customer Returns” recommendation and it uses data and feedback such as return comments, customer questions, and reviews to offer the following insights for you to make improvements.


Here’s what’s included in the recommendations

  • Financial impact: Should also be called the “Wake-up Call” insight to get you fired up and swinging into action. The Financial Impact insight allows you to view the estimated amount in dollars you could’ve gained over 90 days if you’d taken a recommended action to improve a product detail page. Ouch!
  • Detail page recommendations: This handy insight helps you improve your Amazon product detail page with content recommendations based on what customers look for so you can create copy more concisely hitting customer pain points and including details that matter.
  • Customer issue trends: Another great insight to help you create copy that converts. Use the customer issue trends to tailor your detail page content based on the number of customer questions and answers on a topic in your product category.
  • Listing comparisons: Compare your listings with top-selling brands that have similar information in their detail pages. By benchmarking your product listing you can see if you meet the industry criteria.
  • Ideal location: This helps you discover the optimal position to place your content, whether it’s in the title, bullets, or product description of your detail pages, and what will have the greatest impression on customers.


This is a snippet of what the Reduce Customer Returns recommendations can offer.


Where are these insights available?

This is available to sellers with access to the Growth Opportunities tool, simply login into your Seller Central account and click on Reduce Customer Returns.


Our Thoughts

A great opportunity to leverage Amazon’s reporting tools to boost your sales and customer experience! Utilise these recommendations to enhance your Amazon product details pages so you don’t miss an opportunity to capture a sale or ensure your details pages are clearly explaining your products to avoid confusion from customers when ordering which results in returns.

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