Amazon Content Optimisation 2022: Ways to Showcase your Brand on Amazon

Roisin McGrath

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  • AUTHOR: Roisin McGrath
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  • DATE: 22/04/2022

As discussed in our previous post, Amazon Content Optimisation 2022, there are many ways to optimise an Amazon product listing in order to convert browsing consumers to buyers. Although product listing optimisation is the bread & butter of your brand content, Amazon is constantly rolling out new ways to help sellers scale business and showcase their brand on the platform. 

In order to stay ahead of the competition, brands should be taking advantage of the wider features Amazon offers such as brand stores, video, Amazon posts and the influencer program to develop and maintain consumer trust.

Brand Store

Creating a brand store is a feature available to all sellers registered with Brand Registry on Amazon. We often tell our clients to think of a brand store as a mini-website within Amazon. This feature allows brands to provide a seamless consumer experience and showcase all of their products in one clear place.

Customers can navigate around the product range while the brand can display its value proposition and brand identity in order to gain consumer trust and generate sales. It gives sellers the opportunity to create a personalised destination designed specifically for their target audience. 

Stores can receive traffic from several organic locations on Amazon, such as your brand-name link on your product detail pages however it can additionally be used as a landing page for any of your Amazon or non-Amazon activities, helping drive brand awareness at other touchpoints on the platform.

Amazon Video 

If you’re not already including video somewhere in your Amazon content, start now! Videos can bring your product to life and enhance the features and benefits before the consumer has even had the time to read the bullet points in your product listing. There are several ways you can incorporate video into your Amazon listing:


  • Product Detail Page: brands can upload a video to the listing image section of a product detail page, which can be an in-use or lifestyle video. Video used cannot be an advert and it must positively enhance the customer experience of the page and focus on the features of the product.
  • Brand Store: stores have options to add a video to every page to help tell your brand’s unique story, reinforce your brand image and show the faces behind your brand to establish trust.
  • Sponsored Brand: this video will appear in search results. The ads are keyword targeted, cost-per-click and link customers directly to the product detail page where they can learn more and purchase. 


Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts is Amazon’s new social media initiative designed to help shoppers find new products and engage with their favourite brands. Essentially, this is Amazon’s version of Instagram. Posts is in beta mode in the US and allow brands to create and promote product-related content, directly linking to specific product listings.

All posts appear on a brand’s feed which can be found within the Brand Store. Amazon will automatically place posts in feeds and on detail pages, based on relevance and customer engagement. 

Amazon Influencer Program 

The Amazon Influencer Program is a powerful tool for brands to drive sales and push more traffic to Amazon. As with other platforms nowadays, influencer marketing is an increasingly powerful way to showcase your brand. Amazon’s algorithm can surface influencer content to Amazon shoppers allowing influencers to engage with even more customers, and potentially earn more commission.

The main benefit of the Amazon Influencer Program for brands is that you don’t have to have contact with your influencer to get them to list your product. If you’ve created a high-quality product that people love, it’s possible that influencers will include your product in their storefront without request.

There is a clear trend within Amazon Brand Content that the platform is definitely moving towards creating new features to help sellers showcase their brands and products – watch this space!


If you want to take your brand to the next level and aren’t sure what options are available to you to help you sparkle on the platform, let’s hop on a call to discuss.

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