New Small Business Search Filter Released: Empowering Small Businesses on Amazon 🔥

Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
  • CATEGORY: Amazon Advertising
  • DATE: 30/05/2023

Amazon’s ongoing commitment to supporting small businesses has been highlighted this month by the launch of an exciting new feature known as the Small Business Search Filter!

This tool aims to improve the discoverability of products from small business brands within the Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon shoppers can now use the Small Business Search filter to easily narrow down their searches to find products exclusively from small businesses. It’s perfect for any buyer looking to support independent businesses, and will also give the brands a boost amongst larger competitors.


amazon small business filter
Small Business Search Filter on Amazon

How Consumers Access Amazon’s Small Business Search Filter

Accessing the new filter is super easy, all the buyer needs to do is navigate to the existing search filter options and locate the “Business Type Category”. Here they will be able to select what business type they would like to see products from.


Are You Eligible for the Small Business Search Filter?

If you want your brand to appear under the Small Business Filter, you will need to ensure you have first obtained the Small Business Badge.

To be eligible for this, your brand will need to have fewer than 100 employees and generate an annual revenue of less than £50 million. Additionally, businesses must be registered in either Amazon Brand Registry or the Handmade Programme.

To ensure visibility in the Small Business filter, it is crucial to feature the badge prominently on your product listings, both in search results and on detail pages. This means you can can optimize your presence in the Amazon marketplace and increase your chances of being discovered by customers seeking to support small businesses.

amazon small business filter
Small Business Highlighted on Amazon Results

Importance of Small Business Search Filter

It may seem like an obvious answer, but it’s important to shout it out loud and be proud that you’re a small business as there are customers actively seeking to buy only from artisan or small businesses.

Making it easier for those customers to discover you can’t hurt, right? The Small Business Filter provides an easy and intuitive way to do this, and the filter is an exciting development that fosters a more inclusive retail environment and empowers the small business to thrive in a competitive marketplace, which we absolutely love here at This is Unicorn!

Need some help?

We understand that navigating the requirements and intricacies of Amazon can be overwhelming sometimes. Our expert team offers support to brands who need some help sorting their Small Business Badge!

What we can help with:

  • Understanding the process of how to obtain the Small Business Badge
  • How to optimise your listing to showcase the Small Business Badge effectively
  • Anything else Amazon-related!


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