Top Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon During Black Friday & Cyber Monday

It’s the perfect time for brands to push their products.

Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
  • CATEGORY: Amazon Advertising
  • DATE: 04/11/2020

In the e-commerce space, business is booming

Heading towards the final quarter of the year, with the festive season fast approaching, it’s the perfect time for brands to push their products. Time to get those sales!

But managing a brand on any seller platform, especially Amazon, during this time is a challenging task for any business owner. Managing inventory, and the high demand can add to stress.

At This is Unicorn, we want to help you supercharge growth on Amazon this quarter and boost sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We’ve put together the following “best practices” for successful selling on Amazon that have helped other sellers find success.

Organize your inventory

Don’t underestimate the power of preparation! Make sure your inventory is up to date & can handle the demands of a busy buying weekend as soon as possible. If you run out of popular products on Black Friday or Cyber Monday you’ll miss out on key sales. Try to estimate sales from what you plan on promoting to help you organize your stock.


Optimize Amazon product listings

You want to ensure your product listings are truly displaying your products in the best light. Are they optimized for Amazon’s A9 algorithm?

It’s one thing to sell a great product, but if you aren’t including the necessary keywords to rank highly in Amazon’s search engine, and clearly highlighting the products benefits and features, you could be losing potential visitors and sales.


Leverage A+ content

Are you showcasing your brand and products in the best possible way? We often see brands not using the A+ Content tool on Amazon. It’s the perfect place to tell your brand’s story in an eye-catching visual format and highlight the features that make you stand out from your competitors.


Enhance your Storefront with ads

Got an Amazon Storefront? Great! Do you update it regularly? If not, you are missing out on vital selling opportunities. Not only is it the perfect place to display all your brand has to offer, but you can direct customers to your storefront via your Amazon ad campaigns.

Create promotions

If you haven’t got a lightning deal set up already, you can make use of the several promos Amazon offers as well as run your own deals such as buy one get one free. Don’t forget to increase bids or push budgets for products within your ad campaigns and push up-sell & cross-sell sales.


Structure ad campaigns correctly

Many Amazon sellers religiously follow the platform’s guidelines and spend large amounts of budget trying to boost their sales rank in advance of Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

But since customers tend to window-shop before the “sales,” so you could end up paying more for clicks that ultimately don’t convert to a sale.

We recommend focusing your ad strategy on the few days surrounding the weekend. Powerfully structured campaigns maximize profit! Ensure ads are optimized, and increase your bids on your top performing keywords. When increasing your ad budgets don’t just add significant budget into your ads at the start of the weekend. Try to encourage even spend, set an account-level budget, too, so you don’t overspend followed by increasing budgets regularly throughout the day.

By following our top tips for a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon, we guarantee you’ll smash sales on the platform! If any of this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry, we’d be happy to help create a strategy for your brand. Get in touch!

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