Amazon Black Friday Strategy: How to boost your sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It’s the perfect time for brands to push their products.

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  • DATE: 04/11/2020

Highly sought after by bargain-hunting consumers and equally anticipated by brands looking to capitalise on soaring conversion rates. You know what we’re talking about, but our question to you is: Are you really ready for it? This one’s for both shoppers and sellers who want to make the most out of the annual shopping extravaganza.

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Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most important shopping days on the retail calendar, particularly in eCommerce. What started out as post-Thanksgiving sale events in the USA has now morphed into a global shopping frenzy, with Amazon playing a key part in it. During this event, which now spans over a week, Amazon features a wide variety of bargains across all categories, drawing in millions of customers looking for significant savings.


Black Friday Week is coming


Brands and sellers on Amazon, the importance of having a specialised strategy for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events cannot be stressed enough. Over the course of ten days, you’re presented with an unparalleled opportunity to significantly boost sales, clear inventory, attract new consumers, and further establish your brand’s standing. However, because of the tremendous competition, you must strategically differentiate your offers in order to catch the attention of customers.

The advantages of a well-crafted approach during this sale period are bountiful. A good Black Friday strategy can produce a significant boost in sales volume, a stronger brand presence, and a larger customer base. It’s also an excellent opportunity to put new items and pricing strategies to the test in a high-traffic environment, gaining important insights to implement in the future.

Starting your Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign requires a multi-faceted approach. To begin, examine previous sales data to get a better understanding of your customer preferences and determine your best-selling products. To make your product listings stand out, use high-quality photos and captivating copy. Consider competitive pricing strategies and plan inventory ahead of time to accommodate the expected rise in demand. Use Amazon’s advertising tools to increase product visibility. Timing is everything; start planning to ensure you’re ready to capitalise on the rise in customer interest and traffic.


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Planning Your Promotion

The first step in planning Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions is deciding on the right products. Items with a solid sales history and the most positive reviews are more likely to attract customers. Consider including products that complement your best-sellers, or are seasonally relevant. You don’t want to be promoting Halloween merchandise now that the occasion has passed and shoppers are looking ahead to Christmas! – that is of course, unless you want to.

This approach is crucial because it lays the groundwork for your promotional strategy, ensuring that you’re putting your best foot forward with products that have demonstrated appeal and are likely to increase sales.

Then, ensure you’re getting your products in front of buyers organically by presenting your product listings in the best light possible. This includes optimising them for Amazon’s A9 algorithm. Selling a high-quality product is important, but so is including the correct keywords in order to attain a higher ranking in Amazon’s SERP. Failing to do so could mean missing out on potential traffic and sales.


Optimised title and product image deck

Example of an optimised title and product image deck


Choosing the scale of your discounts and promotions is a delicate balancing act. You want to present deals that are enticing enough to attract buyers while still maintaining a profit margin. Analyse your competition and study market trends to price competitively. Remember that while profound cuts may boost volume, they should not come at the cost of significantly eating into your profit margins. Consider Amazon’s time-limited specials or lightning deals as a means to generate a sense of urgency and drive faster purchasing decisions. These need to be planned and submitted to Amazon way in advance.


Lightning Deals

Lightning deals encourage buyers to act fast in order to secure their purchase


A dedicated landing page for your Black Friday deals can drastically improve the buying experience. On Amazon, we advise optimising your Store and PDP to prominently display your discounts. Together with Amazon attribution campaigns, extend your reach beyond the realms of Amazon for an even more successful event. Make sure the design is visually appealing and fits with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday themes. Clear, concise, and captivating product descriptions, paired with high-quality photos, can make a significant difference in converting visits to purchases.

Brands generally adhere to Amazon’s guidelines and invest substantial sums of money into their advertising budgets, hoping to improve their sales ranking in the run-up to Black Friday. However, customers typically browse during this pre-sale phase, which leads to more money spent on ad clicks that may not result in actual sales. It is far more effective to focus advertising strategies around the days of the event.

Brands doing PPC need to optimise their on-platform ads and increase bids on their best-performing keywords. But, a balanced spending approach is recommended rather than investing sizeable amounts of your budget at the start of the week. To minimise overspending, brands should set a total budget limit for their campaign and progressively adjust their budgets throughout each day.


Example of an Amazon ad post

Example of an Amazon ad post used on social media


Using social media and email marketing to boost your promotions is critical. Create engaging and shareable content about your deals to share on social media channels such as Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Threads), Twitter/X and TikTok. Customising your message to the audience on each channel will help boost engagement. Create email campaigns with attention-grabbing subject lines and visually appealing layouts to alert your existing consumer base about your exclusive deals. Remember, the idea is to drive traffic back to your Amazon listings or landing page, so remember to include direct links to them in your social media posts and emails.


A Well-Stocked Fridge

To have a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s imperative that you have enough inventory to match the expected surge in demand. Understocking will cause lost sales and leave your potential customers disgruntled, which can have an adverse effect on your brand’s reputation. To avoid this, review historical sales data, noting your past performance during these events and any recent trends in customer behaviour. While you want enough supply to meet demand, overstocking can lead to surplus inventory after the event. Strategic forecasting and planning are essential to achieving this happy medium.


Tip: Factor in any supply chain or delivery delays that may affect your inventory levels


Prime badge

The big blue Prime badge draws customers in and lets them know Amazon will prepare and ship their purchase


Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service is a game-changer, but for handling the increased order volume during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a godsend. By using FBA, you benefit from Amazon’s expansive logistics network, which will help speed up the shipping process and ensure quick delivery to your customers. This service also relieves you from the strain of individual order fulfilment, allowing you to focus on other elements of your business. Furthermore, FBA products are eligible for Amazon Prime, which has the potential to enhance their attractiveness to the wide range of Prime members looking for quick and reliable shipping. However, it’s crucial to send your merchandise to Amazon ahead of time to allow for any processing delays, especially during the busy holiday season.


Prime Membership

To encourage buyers to sign up for Prime membership, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial, which adds more incentive for brands to adopt their FBA service as the membership grows


Customer Service

With increased traffic comes an influx of customer inquiries, and brands need to be well-prepared for this spike if they hope to maintain high customer satisfaction. This preparation entails training your customer support team on common shipping, product information, and troubleshooting questions. It’s also a good idea to have a comprehensive FAQ section on your PDP or brand store page that addresses the most common concerns. Being proactive and answering questions ahead of time takes the strain off of your customer support teams and makes for a better user experience. After all, if a customer has to reach out to you and then await a response, they may find an easier solution by purchasing from a competitor whose listing already resolves their problem.


The standard and premium A+ FAQ module

The standard and premium A+ FAQ module can give brands an edge by answering customer questions and displaying them on their PDP, saving the customer the hassle of reaching out prior to purchase


Due to the significant number of purchases and potential concerns during high-volume sales events, brands should make every effort to preemptively manage these issues. The purpose is to offer prompt and efficient support to consumers exactly when they need it. Being quick and effective in resolving customer issues enhances the brand’s reputation for outstanding customer service. This approach can result in repeat purchases and spread positive word-of-mouth endorsements that strengthen the brand’s image.

Having a clear, simple process for returns and exchanges is particularly important during high-volume sales events. Simplifying the return and exchange process, such as by providing prepaid return labels or detailed instructions for returns and exchanges, can reduce customer anxiety about purchasing. Additionally, during these events, consider being more flexible with your return window, as customers appreciate the extra convenience. This approach not only builds trust, but it also encourages customers to shop with confidence and peace of mind knowing that the post-purchase experience will be straightforward.


Stats, Stats!

Tracking sales and performance during Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon is critical for any and every brand. This period provides a unique chance to collect comprehensive data on consumer behaviour. Brands can gain valuable insights into what resonates with their audience by monitoring real-time metrics such as sales volume, conversion rates, traffic sources, and customer demographics (currently, US only). Amazon Seller Central includes tools to help with this tracking, such as detailed reports and analytics dashboards. It is vital to understand patterns in customer queries and feedback, which can provide insights into consumer expectations and preferences, in addition to focusing on high-performing products.

The information gathered during these key sales events is a treasure trove for strategic planning. Post-event analysis should identify successful elements of your strategy and areas for improvement. Examine which products were the most popular, which promotions drew a lot of attention, and how customers interacted with your listings. This analysis should consider aspects such as customer review trends and any operational challenges encountered, in addition to sales figures. Brands should use these insights to optimise future strategies, tailoring their approach to better meet the needs of their customers and stand out in the competitive Amazon marketplace. For example, if a specific type of promotion resulted in a significant increase in sales, think about how you can replicate or improve on this in future events.

Likewise, if certain products underperform, look into what possibly caused it – was it a pricing issue, a lack of visibility, or something else? Continuous learning and adaptation, driven by data, are fundamental to long-term success in Amazon’s dynamic environment, regardless of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales landscape.


Our Thoughts

The nature of the game is to sell, and what better opportunity than during the Black Friday event. By optimising, strategising, and planning ahead brands have the perfect recipe for doubling, tripling, or quadrupling their daily revenue intakes. Combine this sales spectacle with the run-up to Christmas, and it’s completely justifiable why undergoing the necessary procedures to maximise your conversions is a must for any brand looking to make their Q4 one to remember.


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