What is Amazon Launchpad? Is it the Right Option for your Brand?

Roisin McGrath

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  • AUTHOR: Roisin McGrath
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  • DATE: 10/06/2022

Amazon’s Launchpad program is aimed at helping startups & small businesses launch their brand and products on the platform. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs by providing resources, expertise and global support to help showcase and deliver innovative products like yours to millions of Amazon customers.”

Let’s start with explaining what Launchpad is:

Amazon Launchpad is a program created to help brands with unique, innovative products find a high volume of consumers. There is a specific criteria for the kind of sellers and products that are eligible, and an application process to go through, and those accepted receive support to help generate sales for their products.

It includes a number of benefits, which help brands set up their products on the platform and market them to consumers. The program has its own section on the marketplace dedicated to these new products, and Amazon promotes Launchpad to consumers who have profiles of being early adopters of new technology and innovative product types.

Many brands have found Amazon Launchpad to be extremely helpful to raise awareness of their business and products, however the program comes with a cost and isn’t right for everyone.

What are the features of Amazon Launchpad?

Brand Success Scorecard

  • The Brand Success Scorecard is a tool developed to access up-to-date data on your brand’s performance, as well as receive suggested actions to further improve your overall brand standing.

ABC Catalogue Analysis

  • The ABC report provides sellers with a catalogue analysis per country for a selected time period, serving as a navigation system to help define your strategy and ASIN prioritisation.

Brand Store Design

  • Brands can submit a request for the Brand Stores Design team to assist you in creating a new Store, optimising an existing Store or expanding your Amazon Brand Store.

Content Submission to Amazon Associates

  • You can submit fresh and exciting brand content to our internal Associates team which, if approved, is showcased to the Associates network for inspiration for their own content.

A+ Content Creation

  • As part of the Amazon Launchpad benefit package, you can now make use of free support to create A+ Content for your products in the UK and EU Amazon Stores.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Credits

  • As part of Amazon Launchpad, brands are eligible for up to $25K AWS credits and $5K AWS Business Support credits. The credits cover most AWS services.

Sponsored Products Optimisation Service

  • As an Amazon Launchpad member you can submit a request for an expert to review and optimise your campaigns.

Item Data Quality (IDQ) Report Request

  • Get a personalized overview to discover your improvement areas in your catalogue.

Translation Requests

  • You can make use of free-of-charge translations in all European languages to help you expand internationally faster.

Submit your ASINs for Amazon Launchpad Dedicated Offer

  • Amazon Launchpad Dedicated Offer is an optional benefit through which Amazon provides additional support for eligible products that are (and have been) sold only by you – the brand owner- to final customers exclusively.

Detail Page Optimisation

  • The Detail Page Optimisation (DPO) service includes checking product detail pages against Amazon Style guidelines, ensuring that product titles are in compliance and reviewing for value-added bullet points and product descriptions, Category name and optimise keywords.

Expand your business globally with Amazon Launchpad

  • The Amazon Launchpad programme operates in multiple regions around the world with dedicated teams to help support emerging brands and provide them access to all the benefits available within each region.

Vine fee waiver

  • Amazon Vine is a programme that helps brands build product reviews.. The fine Fee waiver benefit makes ASIN enrolments free of charge, which would otherwise cost £140/ €170 per parent ASIN enrolment.

Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads Click Credits in UK and EU

  • Eligible Amazon Launchpad selling partners in the EU and UK will receive a one-time 500€/£500 in click credit for use towards Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads per geographies (United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and Germany).

Lightning deals and 7-day deals submissions

  • Amazon Launchpad offers limited free deal credits with a limit of 1 deal (Lightning Deal or 7 Day Deal) per week per Amazon Launchpad store.

Premium A+ available to Amazon Launchpad selling partners

  • Premium A+ is a best-in-class offering for supplemental marketing content on the detail page. With Premium A+, you are able to publish highly differentiated content on the detail page to educate customers on your brand and product story, helping customers make better buying decisions.

What does Amazon Launchpad cost?

Brands participating in Amazon Launchpad pay an incremental 5% referral fee, in addition to the standard category referral fee on each item sold. The additional fee applies to all sales on the account and is charged based on the total sum paid for the item by the customer, including all applicable taxes and customs fees. More info here.

In our opinion, it can be useful for some brands, but it’s not always worth the cost of 5% on top of the selling fee, for just set up. We recommend brands invest in an Amazon partner to support you with your launch followed by brand management to ensure you are getting the most out of the platform when starting out.

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