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Standing out of the crowd has become a whole lot easier thanks to Amazon’s A++ content. But are you making the most out of all its fantastic features?

In this article, we’ll provide tips for creating effective Amazon Premium A+ content, so you can take your listings from prime to premium.



With over 9.7 million sellers globally, make no mistake about it, Amazon is a competitive space for eCommerce. Competition has never been so fierce. Every brand is scrambling to be that go-to name on the market.

The product listing is the marketplace’s bread and butter. It’s here where brands showcase their products and what they do, by means of images, descriptions, and titles. A+ content, previously known as EBC or Enhanced Brand Content, is Amazon’s content feature tool. It allows for a deeper dive into what your product is and gives brands the ability to express themselves creatively by adding their own personal flavour to their listings. Fancy, right!

So, what is Premium A+ Content? What are its benefits, how does it improve a listing, and why do you need it? You collectively ask.

What is Amazon Premium A+ Content?

Well, this is Amazon’s crème de la crème of listing optimisation. Where basic A+ content allows you to add 5 text and image modules, Premium A+ provides you with 7 module slots.

2 extra modules, is that it?

That’s not all, oh no.

Premium A+ provides a superior shopping experience for customers through several multimedia elements and enhanced features designed to provide a comprehensive brand experience.

Amazon suggests that basic A+ Content can increase your conversions anywhere from 3% to 10% while Premium A+ users can see an increase of up to 20%.


Example of Amazon Premium A+ Content

And what are these enhanced features?

  • Interactive Hot-Spot modules – engage the customer with nodes that reveal text when scrolled over.

Screenshot from PlayStation 5 Standard Console Premium A+ Content


  • Full-Width video – utilise the entire space of a module with video for a captivating viewing experience.

Video from Truffle Hunter – Black Truffle Oil Premium A+ Content


  • Carousel – a scrolling brochure of tiles that can be used to ‌highlight multiple features in an easy-to-navigate layout.

Screenshot from Vice Reversa Eye Rejuvenator Premium A+ Content


  • Large HD images – create visual appeal with rich imagery that now extends to a width of 1464 pixels, over 50% more than the 970 pixels offered with basic A+.
  • Enhanced comparison charts – compare features and attributes with an interactive, user-friendly interface.


  • Premium Q&A module – appeal to customers by answering their questions and concerns that will allow them to make an informed decision when purchasing.

Screenshot from Shakeup – Face Serum For Men Premium A+ Content


Benefits of Amazon Premium A+ Content

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and Amazon’s Premium A+ is leaning heavily toward visual aesthetics with this premium feature.

And rightly so!

Opting for Premium A+’s visually appealing approach will yield bountiful results for brands and their listings:

  • Increase in traffic and conversions because of more attractive and informative content.
  • Improved visual storytelling is more likely to induce a strong emotional connection with your brand.
  • Enhanced credibility because of the perceived higher quality stemming from showing greater authority and trust.
  • Develop stronger connections with customers which will help with creating brand loyalty and repeat customers.
  • Brand differentiation allows you to exhibit your uniqueness and values and allows the customer to recognise your brand and why they buy from you.


Requirements for Amazon Premium A+ Content

To access Premium A+ content, brands must meet specific requirements. Previously this was an invitation-only function, and it came with a hefty $250,000 per year price tag. Fast forward to today and the cost to join is free.

Amazon works in weird and mysterious ways so there’s no guarantee how long this good will period will last.

Despite that there are prerequisites that still need to be met, and in order to be eligible your brand must have:

  • Brand Registry connected to your Seller Central account.
  • A brand story linked to every ASIN.
  • 15 A+ Content project submissions in “Approved” status within the past 12 months.


Whether you’re a billion-dollar brand, or a side-hustle operating out of a garage, this is a fantastic opportunity to implement all of these top-tier functions to your listing pages and compete with other brands in your market at no additional cost. Kerching!


How to get started with Amazon Premium A+ Content

1. To help you get started on the path to creating your soon-to-be stellar A+ content, first you need to sign in to Amazon Seller Central. If you’ve read this far, we trust you know where to find it, but for your convenience here’s a link

2. Navigate to the A+ Content Manager section within Seller Central. Smash the ‘Start creating A+ content’ button found in the top right-hand corner of the page. Here you are presented with the A+ content options available to you.


Basic and brand story options – image 1 with access to Premium A+ Content


3. Once you’ve selected what sort of content you would like to produce, go ahead and hit create. Choose ‘add module’ to be taken to a choice of templates you can access in order to create your Premium A+ content. Each template varies in style and design and serves different purposes, allowing you to showcase the many aspects and USPs of your product.

Screenshot of A+ content module selection


How to use Amazon Premium A+ Content to improve your product listings?

This is your opportunity for brands to show the world who they are. Using innovation and imagination, shape ‌your listings to be how you want them to be. As another saying goes, ‘The world is your oyster’ so begin populating your templates with high-quality images and videos, swapping out plain text modules for engaging hot-spot and carousel modules, or comparison charts and tidy FAQs, all to your heart’s desire (and up to your module allowance so keep that in mind also).

What’s best about all of this? The design elements are yours and yours alone, meaning there are no stock templates here. Our advice is to have your designs reflect your brand colours to further cement your branding, here is an example from a client of ours, Shakeup Cosmetics. You should also ensure that the designs and colours you implement in your A+ content match those in your listing imagery. This ties the listing together and produces a smart, uniform, strong-branded product listing that will boost your credibility.

Your content should include professional-grade copy and design work to truly shine. What you must consider is; Can you produce all of this effectively in-house or is it within your budget to bring in a copywriter and graphic designer? Keep in mind, when it comes to competitive marketplaces and especially A+ content, everything is amplified, including any missteps in writing and design.

What’s more, before submitting your page for approval, check your formatting and layout. Your A+ content should flow as if it were telling a story. Creating a bunch of modules and hoping for the best is the fastest way to tarnish your brand and your reputation. Instead, present your A+ content in a way that is:

  • Structured
  • Easy to read
  • Understandable
  • Pleasing to the eye


You will stand a better chance at keeping customers on your listing page the more you adhere to these guidelines. A brand that is mindful of the user experience demonstrates to the consumer they are a brand they can trust. With trust comes credibility. As your credibility rises, so will your traffic and your conversion rate. Hooray!


Case in point

To see Premium A+ in action check out the A+ content modules used here for Vice Reversa Eye Rejuvenator.


As you can see, we have utilised all of the premium A+ modules to full affect. Not only does it look striking and engaging with this in-your-face style of imagery and video, hotspots, and carousels, but these modules allow Vice Reversa to present a substantial amount of information on their listing without being too word-heavy or taking up additional space. From a customer perspective, this is what they want, and from a brand perspective, the user experience should always be at the forefront of their minds.

Eye patches and pricing aside, compare the listing for the Vice Reversa and see for yourself why not just Premium A+, but A+ content in general is essential to a product listing.


What are the pros and cons of Premium A+ content?

The question is, is it all worth it?

As with everything there are pros and cons, and Premium A+ is no different.

For instance, creating this content can not only be costly especially if you have to hire additional resources, but also time consuming. This could eat into your budget or distract you from other aspects of your business that require your attention. It’s possible the content you create doesn’t fall in line with Amazon’s terms of service, which again is time wasted.

Using low-quality imagery and video, or poorly executing the design of your modules could harm your brand and stir up distrust with your customers, resulting in a loss in credibility which will have a negative impact on your conversion rate.

And in spite of all that, yes.

Yes, it is!

Keeping your content relevant and fresh is a good enough reason to adopt Premium A+ as the effect it will have on your customers impression of you is worth more than the time and effort taken to implement it. By enhancing your brand storytelling capabilities and building a reputable brand you will see return customers and develop brand loyalty.

Being able to showcase your product features in a stylish and articulate way gives you an edge over your competitors, increasing your conversions, and also a potential decrease in returns due to well-informed purchase decisions.

A study of the EU5 (Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain) and the US found that 66% of consumers start their product searches for all categories on Amazon rather than on Google, Tiktok or other search engines (source: International Amazon Shopper report 2022)

Premium A+ is a vast improvement over the basic A+ content you might be used to, and it greatly reflects upon your needs as a shopper. More and more consumers are making purchases on mobile devices as opposed to web-based platforms. Adopting an image-orientated approach to product listings is a wise choice when it comes to the user experience as it requires content to be:

  • Eye-catching
  • To the point
  • Skimable


Which saves the consumer their most valued commodity. Time.


Our thoughts

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with information, and our attentiveness is becoming shorter by the day, brands are wrestling to keep their products on our screens. In this fast-paced digital age where the next hit of dopamine is just a couple of seconds away, or a more interesting statistic is only a quick swipe to the side, Amazon’s Premium A+ content offers superb features that will undoubtedly support brands in producing the scroll-stopping content they need in order to attract and keep customers on their product pages.

The ROI for using these components is priceless, especially when you factor in that Amazon is currently offering their Premium tier of A+ for free. And when you consider the mobile shopping trend is only going to increase with each passing year thanks to the convenience of shopping platforms accessible from the palms of our hands, listings optimised for mobile viewing will be ahead of the curve.

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