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Elise Jackson

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  • AUTHOR: Elise Jackson
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  • DATE: 05/08/2022

From desktop to mobile, the way we search online has changed dramatically over the last decade, with recent data showing that around 66% of e-commerce sales in the UK were done on mobile.

While desktop-optimised websites are still very important, the sharp rise in mobile browsing has meant that brands have to create separate website experiences that are suitable for both desktop and mobile users – and this applies to Amazon too.

What most sellers need to keep in mind is that mobile listings on Amazon appear differently in the search results from desktop. If you’re not optimising for those mobile users, you are likely missing out on potential sales. And so, just like Google, sellers need to ensure their listings are optimised for both desktop and mobile versions.


Top reasons for optimising your Amazon store for mobile:

1. It’s not one-size-fits-all, mobile and desktop have different user experiences and their own set of rules.

Mobile users see the title, review count, images, and price at the top. You then need to scroll down past the buy box to see the product description, features, and additional information. It’s important to be catchier and more concise on your mobile pages.

Desktop users see much more information displayed on a page at first glimpse. One of the biggest advantages that the desktop experience offers is bullet-pointed information above the fold. This tends to be for customers at the consideration stages of buying products.

Desktop and mobile versions of Engine Heart Fuel product listing


2. Optimising correctly can increase performance

The best thing to keep in mind is that; a better user experience = better performance results.
So, by optimising your listing correctly for both desktop & mobile you can:

3. Improve algorithm results potential

Amazon wants to create as good a shopping experience for its users so they will keep using the platform. Much like how Google rewards websites that are better optimised than other websites with page 1 rankings, Amazon prioritises better-optimised products on their SERP, so optimising your listing for users on both desktop and mobile will improve your results potential.


4. Improve Overall Brand Store Quality Score

Amazon has an official quality scorecard for sellers’ Amazon Stores. Amazon awards points for things such as brand consistency, having >80% of ASINs in your catalogue on your store and having at least 4 pages.

Interestingly, they award 20% of the points for the store’s mobile compatibility, giving a clear indication of how highly Amazon’s algorithm considers mobile optimisation.

Do you want to know what your store’s scorecard is? Get in touch!

How to optimise your mobile listings

These are some quick wins for optimising your listing and increasing conversions on mobile:

1. Eye-catching titles

The best title length on mobile listings is between 60-100 characters, anything after 100 and the title will not be fully displayed. As of now, you are unable to edit desktop and mobile separately, so your listing should aim to be optimised for both versions.

To create an eye-catching title, take one USP and the most important details of your product that will appeal to the customer and write it in 100 characters or less. Smaller titles mean you need to be more concise when talking about what the product is, so the most important information should go in here.

Amazon mobile search engine ranking pages.

2. High-quality Imagery

Let’s face it, nobody wants to buy what they can’t really see, so your product images always have to be high-quality.

On the Amazon mobile version, images will appear smaller, especially on the SERP. Your titles and imagery are the important first impressions of your product to the user, and so your images need to clearly show what your product is to encourage click-through to your product detail page. 

So, take clear product shots, from different angles and on a white background to make them stand out and crop your main product image as close to the product as possible, so there’s no white space. This will make the image appear as large as possible on mobile devices. 

dont leave white space when cropping
3. Short & Sweet Descriptions 

In order to increase conversions on mobile, you need to have a convincing description. Unlike the Desktop view, the mobile version has a limited amount of space before ‘see more’ appears.

While you can’t edit the desktop and mobile versions separately, it’s best practice to write your descriptions with the most valuable features first.  

List the top 5 features of your product in bullet point form and go into a little more detail on each point. Give the consumer vital information about what your product actually does at the same time you provide the benefit. We also encourage our clients to use high-impact keywords at the start of each bullet point to catch the consumer’s eye.


4. Get an A+ for A+ Content

As of yet, you can’t upload mobile-specific A+ content, but you can ensure that your full desktop version is optimised so that when it is viewed on mobile, it’s not too text-heavy and takes up most of the page. When editing your A+ content view your product detail page on mobile to see how it looks, and amend it if you think the mobile user experience is not great.

Watch this space for the ability to edit the mobile version!


5. Edit your mobile Brand Store

Good news – unlike for A+ content, you have the option to add/ change your tiles differently for the mobile version vs the desktop version! So, make sure you are creating mobile-friendly tiles and change this in the store back-end. 

Images in the mobile store version should be vertical, clear and remember not to be text-heavy. 

And remember:
the best way to test how your mobile listings look, is to actually search using your mobile!



Want to know what else you can do to optimise your mobile listing for higher conversions? Reach out to our team to get a free audit of your current Amazon brand content!

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