We’re Unique.

We’re an international team of curious minds. What began as a husband and wife team has grown into an international business that helps brands to scale and enter new markets. We will always be an Amazon obsessed boutique agency. Our love for all things Amazon is what started this journey.

This is Unicorn work with some of the most innovative and recognisable brands. We create their strategy, develop their marketplaces, support their growth, work with their vendors and manage their spend. And we love it!

We’re Unified.

We aren’t just Amazon obsessed, we’re an Amazon Ads partner. They recognise our ability to launch and strengthen brands on their platform. We love to work together with our clients, creating unique solutions that help them jump the hurdles toward a great Amazon Experience.

Founded by a Brand Owner for Brands.

We understand Amazon from the brand’s perspective: we’ve built brands in the US, UK & EU marketplaces.

ELISE / Co-Founder and CEO

Elise has worked with some of the most recognisable brands, from L’Oréal to Unilever, helping them grow their brands online. She began to spot online trends and quickly identified gaps in the Amazon marketplace. Launching her own brand and becoming a seller on Amazon began the Unicorn journey. This is Unicorn is built on Elise’s values and we take care to work with businesses that have a similar ethos to us: ethical businesses and brands that care.

GIANLUCA / Co-Founder and COO

Gianluca began his career as a technical product manager, playing a part in the growth of several successful startups. His expertise was in demand and as a consultant Gianluca developed a proven strategic framework to help brands grow their online operations. At This is Unicorn, Gianluca continues to perfect brand strategy with a process driven and technology based approach. His future thinking has helped create and drive innovation to the brands we partner with.

The Unicorn Journey.

The milestones and experiences that have shaped us, enabling us to power growth and momentum for you.

DEC 2015

The beginning; creating a brand

The journey of Unicorn began in the creation of The Shoreditch Beard, an all-natural, cruelty free beard oil. Beginning solely as an online store Elise quickly realised the potential a great brand can have on Amazon. As a seller we began to learn about the challenges Amazon can throw and began to craft strategies to jump these hurdles.


MAR 2016

Launched internationally

As our market knowledge and experience increased, we began to spot gaps in international markets that our products could fill. Taking a strategic view of each country’s opportunity, we decided upon a staged launch. Beginning in the USA we reached revenues of $50k per month within four months.

Once our operations were running smoothly we launched across various European countries through 2017.


DEC 2017

This is Unicorn was born

Having experienced the inner workings of Amazon, Elise realised that brands needed her help. Amazon can be a confusing place and brands need the right expertise to make sure their customers have a unique brand experience.

JUNE 2019

Became an Amazon Ads Partner

With our expertise as sellers we were recognised as perfect partners for brands looking to work with Amazon. The countless hours spent obsessing over the inner workings of Amazon have helped us gain the knowledge to help brands harness the power of the platform for growth.

MAR 2021

Sherlock launched

Sherlock is more than our in-house tech, he’s our superhuman automated team member, scanning your brand and product data to make sure your Amazon management is optimised on a daily basis.

We build features to leap every hurdle that Amazon creates, with listing monitoring, reporting and marketplace analysis. Sherlock finds the clues to keep you ahead of the competition.

How we can help

Brand Strategy

Management of Amazon Advertising

Brand Content

Brand Strategy

Unleash our Amazon experts to drive better performance and growth for your brand.

Using our deep analysis, forecasting and reporting tools, our brand strategists expand your market share on Amazon.

Management of Amazon Advertising

Leverage the fastest growing advertising platform to drive your revenue growth.

We create and optimise effective ad campaigns, then scale your performance up to success.

Brand Content

Improve how you showcase your brand story on Amazon & stand out from competitors.

We create optimised Product Detail Pages, A+ Content and Brand Stores to help you educate, connect with and convert your customers.

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