Happy Dogs & Healthy Growth: Driving Significant Sales Growth in the Pet Category on Amazon Within 5 Months

The Healthy Dog Co knew that building brand awareness & a better connection with their customers was crucial to successful revenue growth. A tailored Advertising Strategy was key to accomplishing the brand’s goals.


  • Amazon Advertising Audit
  • – Premium Ads Management
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting

“This Is Unicorn brought an attentivity, care and innovation to our advertising that allowed us to grow beyond our expectations. Not only did they help us scale our PPC efforts but they went out of their way to provide great ideas and creativity to our brand.”

-Elliot, The Healthy Dog Co.

Here’s what we did:

Amazon Advertising Audit

Premium Ads Management

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Amazon Advertising Audit

We began with the brand’s objectives.

We worked to understand what The Healthy Dog Co was trying to achieve before auditing what they were currently doing so that we could look for the right areas of improvement. From this, we were able to create a prioritised list of activities to make sure the brand could achieve rapid marketplace wins.

Premium Ads Management

Implementing an ads strategy to grow market share.

As part of our recommended campaign strategy, we implemented Unicorn’s Premium Amazon Ads methodology across all of Amazon Ads types – Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand & Sponsored Display. We grouped campaigns within targeted niches to ensure the brand was visible from consideration all the way to purchase.

Advanced Reporting

Generating insights to deliver results and build brand awareness.

Propelled by our purpose-built optimisation engine Sherlock, we were able to carry out right-on-time bid and budget adjustments as well as regular search term optimisation and keyword harvesting to grow sales performance at a strong ROAS.

Leaping Over Sales Targets

The results were clear! We helped this brand in the Pet category double sales in 5 months

Our Premium Ads Strategy led to significant sales growth at a great ROAS.

We utilised a strong Amazon Advertising strategy to build brand awareness, drive new customer acquisition and increase revenue growth, with a strong ROAS of 3.5.

Driving Customer Acquisition

Our ad strategies drove shopper discovery on Amazon.


New-to-Brand ad sales across Sponsored Brand campaigns.

We drove performance growth through new customer acquisition by harvesting and targeting a wider list of non-brand keywords in our Sponsored Product campaigns.

Ana Daruwalla

Head of Client Services

“The brand's all-natural ethos, coupled with the high quality of the product and the growth in the market throughout the pandemic has helped THDC become one of the biggest players in the market. It has been extremely rewarding to see the impact our strategy has had on revenue growth, above and beyond marketplace trends.”

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