Bringing this sleeping giant to life with Unicorn.

Nested Bean offers the only infant sleepwear that is scientifically designed to mimic the soothing power of a parent’s embrace.

When developing Amazon as a standalone channel to win new customers, Nested Bean engaged This is Unicorn to help guide them towards a strong campaign structure.


  • Amazon Advertising Audit
  • – Marquee-Day Strategy
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting

By relying too heavily on branded search terms, Nested Bean weren’t taking full advantage of shopper discovery on Amazon. Our work helped Nested Bean to bring sleep wellness products to babies and families to help them thrive.

Here’s what we did:

Brand Strategy Appraisal

Prime Day Strategy

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Brand Strategy Appraisal

We began with the brand’s objectives.

Working consultatively at first to understand what Amazon could provide Nested Bean in terms of market share and a strengthened brand presence. We began with a detailed view of the marketplace, analysing and creating a journey to improvement. From this we were able to create a prioritized list of activities based on marketplace research and data to make sure Nested Bean could achieve rapid wins once partnering with us.

Prime Day Strategy

Ensuring Lightning Deals met the brand’s objectives.

An important step in helping them grow this market, we created positioning promotions before Lightning Day and implemented our specific Marquee-Day Methodology, culminating in strong sales both on Prime Day, and significant halo effect post-Prime Day.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Using Sherlock, our in-house technology, was key to the success of Nested Bean.

Utilising custom analysis and Sherlock’s automation engine, we were able to identify trends and quickly adapt our product-level ads strategy to win market share.

Results that weighed up

Doubling the brand’s revenue in 12 months is no easy feat. Our strategic approach, layering a strong Amazon Ads & Marquee-Day strategy, enabled us to do just that.

Taking Advantage of Shopper Discovery

We built out Nested Bean’s campaign structure, found new niche targets and harvested new, non-brand-specific keywords, quickly growing Nested Bean’s number of target keywords into the thousands in order to drive sales from new customers on Amazon.

Results that weighed up.

We doubled Nested Bean’s revenue in 12 months.

Increase in Sales from Non-Brand Keywords

Expanded Nested Bean’s reach and increased sales from non-brand keywords.

With our keyword harvesting and bid optimisation process, we were able to increase sales and market share through shopper discovery on Amazon.


Prime Day Revenue

Sales on Prime Day increased by eight times, compared to the previous year.

Our Marquee-Strategy goes against the grain so budget isn’t wasted ahead of time. By implementing this strategy for Nested Bean, we were able to drive strong revenue growth not only on Prime Day but in the following weeks as well.

Elise P A Jackson

Co-Founder & CEO

“We joined Nested Bean’s team at a time of rapid growth and development for the brand. Realising they were missing a huge opportunity for shopper discovery on the Amazon platform, we were excited to bring our expertise to the table.”

Our Results.


Manasi Gangan

Founder & President, Nested Bean

“One of the main things that stands out in our relationship with This is Unicorn is their respect for our brand objectives to ensure their Amazon advertising strategy was...”

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