Sometimes local knowledge is what you need to succeed.

Selling over 1.5 million digital photo frames, Nixplay is the best selling digital photo frame brand in the US. With a desire to take advantage of the European market, Nixplay turned to This is Unicorn to help their brand leverage a strong local marketplace knowledge and strategically increase market share.


  • Amazon Advertising Audit
  • Market Insights
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Product Page Localisation
  • Success Reporting

The European market offers a significant opportunity to brands, but many are unable to capitalise on their opportunity and home brand strength because the market is so diverse and each country requires a unique approach.

Here’s what we did

Brand Analysis

Amazon Advertising Audit

Strategy Creation

Brand Analysis

Our starting point with Nixplay was to fully immerse ourselves in the brand.

To understand who our partner is and what they wanted to become. Taking this as a starting point underpinned all our work in creating a European market strategy.

Amazon Advertising Audit

What works in the USA might not work in France.

By investigating in full the advertising accounts we were able to identify key areas for improvement for each marketplace, and recommended key actions to drive value for Nixplay immediately.

Strategy Creation

Building upon our knowledge of the Nixplay brand and local market insights we crafted a unique strategy for each marketplace.

With key competitors already in the space, we created both aggressive and defensive strategies to win back market share.

Building a Strong Ads Foundation

With our full European language capability, campaign methodology and purpose-built technology, our strategic roadmap was built to restructure the brand’s campaigns quickly and effectively.

Driving Increased ROAS

Implementing our solutions we were able to quickly increase return on ad spend and begin to scale European revenues.

Long Lasting Results.

The growth we delivered for the brand to grow their market share in Europe.

Increase in Overall Revenue

Based on the same period year on year, across the 4 European marketplaces: Germany, Spain, Italy & France.

Our ads methodology and expertise enabled us to achieve strong year on year growth for the brand, across the holiday period.


Increase in Return on Ad Spend

Within 6 weeks, we were able to eliminate wasted spend & increase their return on ad investment.

By identifying gaps in their campaign structure and implementing our Unicorn optimisation process, we were able to reduce the ACoS and increase their ROAS significantly at a crucial time ahead of the holiday season.

Elise P A Jackson

Co-Founder & CEO

“Working with a client that constantly challenges us to do more really enables us to do our best work— and we were able to do that here. It’s always a pleasure to bring our European language capabilities & campaign methodology to a brand that strives for excellence.”

Our results.


Ana Sofia Diaz

Senior Ecommerce Manager Nixplay

“Since working with This is Unicorn we have managed to increase our revenue as well as expand our market position across all marketplaces.”

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