Unlocking Nu’s Potential on Amazon

This is Unicorn started their partnership with Nu Notebooks in July 2021. Nu already had great brand awareness in stores across the UK, and was ready to take on the challenge of selling on Amazon as their first e-commerce venture. Unicorn was tasked with helping the brand to grow a strong presence on Amazon as well as grow sales within a set ad budget.


  • Amazon Advertising Audit
  • Bespoke Amazon Advertising Strategy
  • Full Content Optimisation

“Since working with This is Unicorn just over a year ago, they have helped us unlock our true potential on Amazon. The work we have done together has made us super excited about our future on Amazon and the growth of our business over the coming years.”

– The team at Nu: Notebooks

How Unicorn Achieved These Results:

Amazon Advertising Audit

Tailored Advertising Strategy

Bespoke Content Optimisation

Amazon Advertising Audit

Starting with a detailed audit of the brand’s current situation on Amazon, we then created and implemented a tailored Amazon advertising strategy combined with ongoing content optimisation across four of the brand’s product ranges to compliment the ads strategy and improve organic positioning.

Tailored Advertising Strategy

We optimised the brand’s advertising strategy despite a limited budget through our specific Unicorn methodology. Despite working with a limited ad budget, we managed to achieve a significant increase in ROAS through the use of sponsored product campaigns and were able to work with what we had to achieve consistent month-on-month growth.

Bespoke Content Optimisation

We optimized the brand’s current content on Amazon in line with the A9 algorithm to increase organic rankings and build consumer trust as well as creating a brand store to give Nu a true identity on the platform.

Unlocking Growth

We successfully built momentum through analysing the brand’s current Amazon Advertising Strategy and implementing a bespoke strategy tailored to the brand’s goals, which allowed us to continuously scale up campaigns and achieve consistent growth despite a limited ad budget. In parallel to this, we optimised the brand’s content range by range and created a brand store to develop a strong brand identity on Amazon which also increased the number of organic sessions through improved positioning.

Our Results.


The team at Nu: Notebooks

“We'd had great success in UK retail, but couldn’t get any traction on Amazon. Now our sales have more than doubled and continue to grow month on month.”

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