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Ocean Bottle: Successful Launch on Amazon US, Revenue Scaling, and Growing ROAS 2X in 6 months

This is Unicorn took on the responsibility of assisting Ocean Bottle in their US market expansion by establishing a dedicated Amazon account for their premium water bottle line. The primary objective for This is Unicorn was to successfully launch the product on Amazon US, drive substantial revenue growth, and optimize the ACoS to achieve the target set.


  • Keyword Expansion
  • Effective Ad Budget Utilisation
  • Strong Defensive Ads Strategy

“Morgan and I agree that it’s been a dream to work with Unicorn so far. In particular we’re very happy with your reactiveness and availability. For a young brand like us, it’s comforting to be able to rely on Unicorn for anything Amazon related. It’s also great to know we can trust you with building growth while staying in line with our budget requirements.”

– Emilien at Ocean Bottle

How Unicorn Achieved These Results:

Keyword Expansion

Effective Ad Budget Utilisation

Strong Defensive Ads Strategy

Keyword Expansion

We wanted to expand the reach of the brand & a clear way to do this was expand the number of keywords. We focused on having a mixture of both long tail & high demand. We used keywords relating to size, colour and other product characteristics to specify these. Our objective here was to increase the reach, impressions and clicks.

Effective Ad Budget Utilisation

Our second goal was to reduce the ACoS. Our strategy to action this was to optimise the ad spend at all levels: keyword, ASIN & campaign too; increasing and decreasing where necessary. This requires quick actions and a hands-on approach, and generated strong results.

Strong Defensive Ads Strategy

It was important for us to expand the number of the targeted Branded products and Branded keywords, using the data from Search Term report and conducting additional research. This helped us to cross sell the product lines and defend the branded listing space. We also recognised the importance of allocating more budget towards branded campaigns performing at strong profitability.

Unlocking Growth

Our ads strategy yielded significant results over the first 6 months alone. We observed impressive improvements across various metrics:

❇️ Ad Revenue soared by 305%,

❇️ Overall Orders surged by 87%, and

❇️ ROAS showed a notable improvement of 2X

Notably, our Sponsored Brand Video Campaigns played a pivotal role, generating over 4% of the total Ad revenue specifically for the Insulated-Bottles product line.

Our Results.


Issy Cooper at Ocean Bottle

“So excited to see that This is Unicorn managed to generate so much growth in the US despite the low brand awareness. We are grateful for all they've done.”

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