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Shakeup Cosmetics: Exceeded All Targets with a 186% Revenue Growth and 31% ACOS Improvement YoY

This is Unicorn took on the responsibility of assisting Shakeup Cosmetics in growing its Amazon revenue in the UK marketplace. The primary objective was to ensure Amazon’s activity met the business objectives in the next 12 months. In the following months, This is Unicorn, not only met but exceeded all targets set!


  • Keyword Optimisation & Expansion
  • Effective Ad Budget Utilisation
  • Strong Defensive Ads Strategy

“We have been watching the exciting growth of our Amazon sales and the consistent healthy numbers across all KPI’s. Huge well done to the team”

– Shane Carnell-Xu, Co-Founder at Shakeup Cosmetics

How Unicorn Achieved These Results:

Campaign Expansion

Budget & Bid Optimisations

Utilisation of Seasonal Events

Campaign Expansion

To extend brand reach, we covered all Sponsored Product campaign types for every product line. High-performing campaigns targeted top-selling non-branded keywords with elevated bids. Sponsored brands were established for both branded and non-branded campaigns across all product lines, directing traffic to the Amazon Store. Sponsored display remarketing campaigns were deployed for top-selling products.

Budget & Bid Optimisations

We prioritised promoting the skincare product lines to boost their traction and enhance brand visibility. Through meticulous bid and budget optimizations, we ensured alignment with targets for each product line. Furthermore, we conducted multiple bid and budget adjustments, pausing underperforming campaigns to enhance profitability specifically for the Concealer product line.

Utilisation of Seasonal Events

We recognised the importance of properly utilising seasonal events such as Prime Day, Black Friday, and Veganuary to boost sales for Shakeup Cosmetics. The seasonal strategy included setting up special campaigns for ASINs with promotions targeting single-word keywords in broad match types at low bids during seasonal events.

Unlocking Growth

Our ads strategy yielded significant results over the first 12 months alone. We observed impressive improvements across various metrics:

❇️ Ad Revenue soared by 283%

❇️ Overall Revenue surged by 186%

❇️ ACOS showed a notable improvement of -31%

Regular analysis of ASIN performance has proven instrumental in identifying opportunities and promptly addressing any potential decline at the ASIN level. This proactive approach enables us to pinpoint the root cause and take appropriate corrective action.

shakeup cosmetics amazon success
shakeup cosmetics amazon success
shakeup cosmetics amazon success
shakeup cosmetics amazon success

Our Results.


Shane Carnell-Xu, Co-Founder at Shakeup Cosmetics

“We have ambitious targets this year, so it's very exciting to see that This is Unicorn is helping us get there.”

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